CHUM adds 11 New Stations to One of North America's Largest Hubbing Operatons Using VCI

October 3, 2022

by -- Video Communications, Inc.

Video Communications, Inc., a supplier of integrated media solutions to the broadcast and cable industry, announced today CHUM Television has used VCI�s products to add 11 new stations to its hubbing center in Toronto bringing the total to 31 stations. Through VCI�s STARS II+, the industry�s leading sales, traffic and accounting system, CHUM has created one of the largest hubbed operations in North America, centralizing the business of 31 of its 33 local stations and specialty (cable) channels.

STARS II+ is the only traffic and accounting product proven to be capable of handling the in-depth technical requirements of hubbing large groups of stations. Used at LINTV, Clear Channel and CHUM Limited (one of Canada�s top media companies), VCI products serve as the backbone for three of the largest hubbing operations in North America, successfully enhancing operational reliability and cost-effectiveness in day-to-day business.

Through STARS II+, CHUM is now able to run all traffic and accounting activities for 31 stations directly through the company�s main Toronto office. CHUM has been able to streamline collections, set uniform reporting procedures, obtain consistent reports on each station�s activities, assemble and edit logs faster, enjoy fast response times for operations requests and manage commercial inventory more efficiently. STARS II+ also has allowed for a dramatic decrease in IT and staffing costs by eliminating the need for business operations at every station.

�STARS II+ gives us control over our traffic and sales, and provides us with a much better overall view of our entire business. When we were looking at traffic systems, it was very important that we go with a vendor that had proven experience and showed that they would be with us long-term. VCI has proven they are the long-term and most advanced player in this space,� said Peter Hestick, Controller, CHUM.

�CHUM is at the top of the broadcast world in understanding the importance of hubbing and we are proud to be part of their network,� said Lowell Putnam, CEO, VCI. �CHUM is a great example of the reliability and power of STARS II+. While VCI customers are brought online quickly and immediately enjoy increased profits, stations using competing products are facing difficulties with hubbing basics as their networks struggle to handle even the slightest increases, leaving traffic managers waiting for yet another fix in a string of technical slowdowns.�

VCI is the most successful sales, traffic and accounting software vendor in North America. They serve more than 300 customers throughout the United States and Canada including NBC Universal cable channels, Clear Channel, TV Guide and LIN TV.

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