Masstech SAvI Smart Avid Interface Enhances Avid Unity Workflow with Direct Access to Unlimited, Low-Cost Tape-Based Storage

September 6, 2021

by -- Masstech Technology Group

Masstech Group Inc., a leading provider of broadcast workflow enhancements, today announced the availability of SAvI (Smart Avid Interface). Part of the Masstech MassStore*
family, SAvI extends the flexibility of Avid Unity systems by providing direct, seamless access from within the Avid environment to unlimited, low-cost, tape-based storage for nearline and archival purposes.

Masstech SAvI lets editors and managers in broadcast facilities save valuable Avid Unity disk space by backing up content and projects to any standard tape library system. Masstech MassStore protects all materials and
ensures that they are available on-demand via robust cataloguing and search functions.

"SAvI is a powerful complement to any Avid facility, turning the tape archive into a working asset with unlimited storage." Owen Walker, European Product Manager, Editing Solutions, Avid . "With SAvI facilities can tap the wealth of their archive anytime to support new projects, streamline playout
and more. SAvI eliminates the hours now spent converting archive material and turns the archive into a truly on-demand warehouse."

SAvI lets editors trigger transfers of Avid media files directly from within the Avid editing desktop. These files can include master clips, as well as individual or consolidated sequences. When a transfer is initiated, Masstech MassStore protects the files and provides database and tracking functions so
that media is searchable and recoverable at any time. All material remains in its native format.

Retrieving files is similarly effortless. SAvI leverages the Avid Unity TransferManager application to transfer media directly back to Unity. Editors simply select the clips they need and SAvI restores them to the Unity system. By storing material in its native format, SAvI ensures that material is ready for editing or playback within minutes.

SAvI and MassStore also integrate with scheduling systems, enabling managers to develop a strategic plan for managing their Avid resources, ensuring maximum availability for the current workload. The system can also integrate with a facility's on air video server for seamless, automated playout of completed projects.

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