TBS, Inc. Selects Aastra Technologies VideoRunnerTM

September 6, 2021

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Aastra Technologies Limited, a leading provider of video transport products today announced that its MPEG networking solution, VideoRunner „·, will enable Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a business unit of Time Warner, to provide fully redundant IP video routing, connecting their Buenos Aires, Argentina studio to their central studios in Atlanta, GA. This international two-way link will transport entertainment programming content originating in Latin America to Atlanta for uplinking purposes along with internal data and telephony communications between the two cities.

VideoRunnerˇ¦s flexibility is also enabling TBS to provide route redundancy between satellite and undersea fiber optic transport in this deployment.

ˇ§Aastraˇ¦s MPEG video transport products offer global broadcasters like TBS a cost-effective integrated solution that enables the consistent delivery of exceptional broadcast quality video, audio and data signals, using a single system,ˇ¨ said Tony Shen, President at Aastra Technologies. ˇ§We are delighted to be working with TBS and look forward to continuing to help them offer new programming to their subscribers.ˇ¨

This marks the second successful major deployment of VideoRunner by TBS. The previous project consisted of 87 channels of national news coverage and TBS originated programming, being encoded and distributed around several buildings within the companyˇ¦s Techwood campus in Atlanta. For this deployment, VideoRunner was chosen for its SDI video performance at low bit rates, overall density, and ability to simultaneously transport MPEG video and audio over ASI and IP interfaces.

VideoRunner is a next generation converged media network solution that delivers broadcast quality / carrier grade video, audio and data signals with high-speed networking capabilities to broadcasters and cable providers. VideoRunnerˇ¦s architecture combines the major features of ATM switches, IP routers, MPEG encoders, multiplexers, and decoders all into one platform, with one operating environment.

„X Broadcast grade signals in a carrier-class package
„X High quality analog and digital interfaces for video and audio
„X Full MPEG-2 multiplexing and demultiplexing capabilities
„X ATM network adaptation using AAL-1 or AAL-5
„X IP network adaptation over 10/100/1000T and optical GbE utilizing ProMPEG COP3 R2 FEC
„X Concurrent, multi-protocol management interfaces including SNMP and HTTP
„X Fault-tolerant, redundant configurations for high-availability networks

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