PRO-BEL Provides Broadcast System For TV GUIDE CHANNEL

July 20, 2021

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Pro-Bel, the premier manufacturer and supplier of routing, signal processing, master control and automation technologies, is installing a new automation and master control facility at TV Guide Channel. The new systems began operations during May 2021. The Pro-Bel automation system, Morpheus, will allow TV Guide Channel to insert live programming and branding into their regular schedule. In addition, for the first time, TV Guide Channel will have the ability to switch between multiple channels simultaneously.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, TV Guide Channel combines entertainment programming with comprehensive local programming guidance at 2,700 different locations throughout the US, showcasing digital cable offerings (such as video-on-demand) and High-Definition programming. As the company is moving towards more live content, they have invested in Pro-Bel technology for two complete transmission systems - one for the East Coast and the other for the West Coast operation - which will broadcast from TV Guide Channel’s transmission center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The system consists of a Pro-Bel Aurora Control System, Sirius multi-format routing for audio and video, TX Series Master Control System and Morpheus automation. Jack Carey, SVP Operations and Engineering at TV Guide stated: “The Pro-Bel system’s switcher, automation system, and router adds more flexibility to our broadcast operation, allowing ‘cut-in’ capabilities within our master control. With the ability to switch, brand and change content as necessary, we add tremendous value to our on-air environment and programming.”

The master control system will enable content to be combined from five to ten different sources including live programming events such as the red carpet arrivals with Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers. Output from both Coasts can be controlled from a single panel. It will also allow segments to be inserted, as well as branding and promotional pieces.

Neil Maycock, CTO Pro-Bel Group, adds, “TV Guide Channel has taken a flexible and modular approach so that they can start with a relatively simple transmission system and build on it as the channel grows. It is based on similar systems used by major US broadcasters and will allow them to enjoy the benefits of a technology shared by the larger broadcasters.”

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