ILC unveils NetLink ECP(tm), the new appliance for affordable management of remote networks, facilities, and mobile apps

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  • May 4, 2024

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    Network control software developer ILC today introduced the NetLink ECP(tm) (Element Control Processor), a compact, rugged appliance built and priced to meet the special network management needs posed by smaller, often remote environments.

    NetLink ECP comes in a 1U 19" rack mount package that integrates with ILC's MaxView(tm) "network control" software. MaxView's enterprise-class features enable operators to use the NetLink ECP to exert enterprise-class management control over limited numbers of mobile applications, equipment, remote offices and other smaller and more dispersed environments.

    Scientific Games Corporation, a New York-based global marketing and technology leader in the lottery, pari-mutuel, and telecommunications industries, is one of ILC's first customers to choose the NetLink ECP for mission-critical network monitoring. "We have a critical need to monitor 17 different trailers that are each responsible for uplinking satellite video," said Emilie Munda, General Manager of Simulcasting at Scientific Games. "By placing a NetLink ECP at each site, we can save time and money by remotely monitoring each trailer from our Technical Operations Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, keeping that satellite feed up and running."
    "Smaller remote networks and mobile applications need sophisticated management tools to ensure uptime," said Mark Krikorian, Chief Operating Officer of ILC. "The NetLink ECP is an easy-to-use appliance that takes our sophisticated MaxView management software and "right-sizes" it for the budgets and special operating needs of smaller networks and facilities."

    NetLink ECP can manage any equipment type, brand or technology using the MaxView software, consolidating complete network control in one interface. NetLink's MaxView software can also manage hybrid networks comprised of both new and legacy equipment. These advanced capabilities combined with a broad array of management features take ILC's solutions beyond traditional definitions of network management and monitor and control (M&C) systems.

    The NetLink ECP eliminates the need for separate management systems that are limited by the type of control interface, and have little if any ability to communicate with other systems. Designed to provide the low cost, smaller size and lower power consumption needs of its target market, the NetLink ECP is available as either a stand-alone monitor and control system or as a front-end processor.

    A long-time leader in the provision of management solutions to the satellite industry, ILC's client list includes PBS, NBC, DIRECTV, NETV, Telmex, Globecast, CNBC, EchoStar, Loral Skynet, U.S. Department of Defense agencies, and over 400 other clients across the globe.

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