VCube for easing life in post-production facilities

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  • December 16, 2024

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    Sonotechnique is pleased to announce that Merging Technologies, the Swiss based manufacturer of the Pyramix DAW system has launched VCube. VCube is a video hard disk based video player recorder system designed specifically for use in audio post production. VCube can operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a multi-system network fully integrated with Pyramix through standard Ethernet. Like Pyramix it offers sync to PAL, NTSC, 24fps Film and all the HDTV frame rates. VCube is also able to sync on a time code and reference different than its internal frame type; allowing, for example, to play at 24fps while syncing on a 25fps time code and retaining full synchronization with Pyramix. It can also be connected through 9-pin machine control to any third-party DAW system.

    VCube has two main configurations, a Player only and a Player/Recorder. Both will be available as a turnkey package housed within a custom built 19 inch chassis.

    The VCube player only is intended to be part of a multiple VCube network together with one or more VCube player/recorders connected. In this way the player/recorder can then act as an off-line and centralized video digitiser transferring media to the players through the built-in 1Gb standard Ethernet link.

    The VCube player will be configured with a standard system drive and a separate 120GB media drive. The player/recorder will additionally feature a special OEM version of the Canopus ADCVX1000 video capture/playback

    PCI card, as well as the VCube recorder software. Both will include Merging's bespoke Mykerinos card to ensure machine control synchronization and time-code reader/generator functionality. A DVD-R for archiving will also be included. The VCube software will have the ability to do basic Cut, Move, Insert type editing within the video timeline with Marker and Locater points as well as the compiling multiple clips as a single sequence.

    VCube supports multiple file and codec types: MFX, AVI 1, AVI Ref, AVI 2, OMF, Avid Nitris (HD), Quicktime, Windows Media Video, TIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, MPEG. Any of those file and codec types could be mixed and played back in real time within a single EDL. VCube can import OMF multi-layer video compositions, CMX EDLs and AAF files.

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