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Toronto - Here's the list, as we know it, in alphabetical order, of the new channels that have told us they are planning a fall launch - their new names, categories, a description where needed, and owner or lead partner (our first list, published two weeks ago, omitted the two new Showcase movie channels):

Animal Planet, category two, Bell Globemedia.

ARTV, must-carry analog in French-language markets, Radio Canada.

BBC Canada, category two, Alliance Atlantis.

BBC Kids, category two, Alliance Atlantis.

The Biography Channel, category one, Rogers Media.

BookTelevision, category one, Chum Television.

BPM:TV (Beats Per Minute - dance music channel), category two, Stornoway Communications.

Connect (teens) category one, Craig Broadcasting.

Country Canada (formerly Land & Sea) category one, Corus Entertainment.

DejaView, category two, CanWest Global.

Discovery Civilization, category two, Bell Globemedia.

Discovery Health (formerly Health Network Canada), category one, Alliance Atlantis.

Discovery Kids, category two, Corus Entertainment.

The Documentary Channel, category one, Corus Entertainment.

Drive-In Classics, category two, Chum Television.

Edge TV, (alt./new rock), category two, Corus Entertainment.

ESPN Classic Canada, category two, Bell Globemedia.

Fashion Television Channel, category one, Chum Television.

Fox Sports World Canada, category two, CanWest Global.

i Channel (formerly the Issues Channel), category one, Stornoway Communications.

Independent Film Channel, category one, Alliance Atlantis.

The Law & Order Channel, category two, Chum Television.

LCN Affaires, (French personal finance), category one, Quebecor Media.

Leafs TV, category two, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment.

Lonestar (westerns), category two, CanWest Global.

Men TV, category one, Quebecor Media.

MSNBC Canada, category two, Rogers Media.

MuchLoud, category two, Chum Television.

MuchVibe, category two, Chum Television.

Mystery (English), category one, CanWest Global.

Mystery (French), category one, CanWest Global.

National Geographic Channel, category two, Alliance Atlantis.

One: Body, Mind & Spirit, category one, Vision TV.

Perfecto, La Chaine, (French fashion channel), category one, Chum Television via MusiquePlus.

Pridevision (gay and lesbian), category one, Headline Media Group.

Raptors/NBA TV, category two, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment.

RIS - Reseau Info Sport (French headline sports), category one, Bell Globemedia.

Scream, category two, Corus Entertainment.

Showcase Action, category two, Alliance Atlantis.

Showcase Diva, category two, Alliance Atlantis.

Sex TV, The Channel, category two, Chum Television.

TechTV, category one, Rogers Media.

Tele Ha Ha, category one, Quebecor Media.

The NHL Network, category two, Bell Globemedia.

Travel, category one, Bell Globemedia.

WTSN, category one, Bell Globemedia.

Xtreme Sports, category two, CanWest Global.

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