Fritts to speak at CAB 2003 convention


OTTAWA - National Association of Broadcasters president Edward O. Fritts will be one of the keynote speakers for this year's Canadian Association of Broadcasters annual convention.

This year's convention will be held November 9 to 11 in Quebec City with the theme of "Private Broadcasting: The Voice of the Nation, The Choice of the Nation."

Fritts, the president of the U.S. broadcaster's association will be Monday's CAB Hall of Fame luncheon speaker. Other interesting sessions that day include a super-session on radio policy ahead of the CRTC's coming review of commercial radio policy, and a look at what the future might hold for the Canadian television system (with a hard look at the cable industry's proposal on selling U.S. local ad avails and another one which proposes selling all the ad time on U.S. cable channels to Canadian companies).

There will be a session on the ad market in Canada, the radio/music industry partnership, theft (in terms of music and video signals), and reforming copyright.

At 5:30 Monday small Canadian broadcasters will get some face time with Commissioners.

Tuesday begins with the Gold Ribbon awards breakfast, followed by a plenary session on diversity in Canadian broadcasting. Later that morning, a look at what's next in TV trends (since some say the reality balloon has burst), and a session on the future of small market broadcasting in Canada.

After the Gold Ribbon awards luncheon, the final plenary is wide-ranging, entitled: "New Choices: How Canadians View the Changing National Agenda: On the cusp of a new regime in Ottawa, what do Canadians want, and what choices do they feel they have? Now, more than ever, Canadians have strong opinions about key issues, whether it's Canada's role on the world stage, the environment, health care, or the state of our cultural sovereignty. They also have views on how they receive that information - from radio, TV, the Internet and newspapers."

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