Canadian Satellite Radio and CKUA Radio Network form partnership

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  • 3/16/2005

    TORONTO - Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR) and CKUA Radio Network today announced a content agreement that will see CKUA produce original, specialized programming for CSR's proposed originally produced Northern Lights channel.

    "This agreement brings together some of the best programming in the country with industry-leading talent and content to listeners through an emerging broadcasting medium, whether it be an unknown Indie musician in Grande Prairie, an up-and-coming comedian from Trois Rivière, or a community radio station's unique perspective," said Stephen Tapp, president and COO of CSR. "That is why we are thrilled to team up with CKUA. With more than 75 years of community radio broadcasting behind them, they have a discerning audience with award-winning programming that should be heard across the country."

    Under the content agreement, specific terms of which were not disclosed, CKUA Radio Network will produce the weekly program for CSR for broadcast across Canada and North America. In addition, the parties will work together to explore ways to create and generate other funding and programming initiatives for not only CSR and CKUA but also for community radio across the country.

    "We believe that Canadian Satellite Radio will have the unique ability to open new doors for community-based radio stations such as CKUA. Our premier music library, intimate understanding of the artist community and knowledgeable audience make CKUA a true Albertan and Canadian cultural treasure," said Sharon McMullan-Baron, Chairman of the CKUA Radio Foundation Board. "Our involvement with satellite radio allows us to extend our programming expertise and reach via this new technology. CKUA is in touch with the pulse of the Canadian music community - like nobody else in the country - and we welcome the opportunity to bring our comprehensive expertise to a new medium."

    The CKUA Radio Network, founded in 1927 on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton, is Canada's first educational and public broadcaster. CKUA's radio signal is carried province-wide on AM and FM through a network of 17 transmitters located throughout Alberta. CKUA also broadcasts around the world through It is the host broadcaster of Alberta's Emergency Public Warning System and the Amber Alert. CKUA has evolved from a government of Alberta operation to a public not-for-profit foundation, with a limited commercial license. CKUA currently enjoys more than 168,000 weekly listeners. It is financially supported by listener subscriptions and donations (66 per cent), program sponsorships (20 per cent) and through corporate partnership (14 per cent).

    Canadian Satellite Radio was founded in 2024 to provide subscription-based satellite radio service to rural and urban Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast in both English and French. Canadian Satellite Radio is a Canadian-owned and controlled company in partnership with XM Satellite Radio of the United States, which currently offers more than 100 channels of music, news and entertainment programming to its subscribers for a monthly fee. Via two satellites in geostationary orbit, XM Satellite Radio provides audio entertainment across the continent, in digital quality sound. CSR is currently in the application process for the provisioning of subscription-based satellite radio services with the CRTC. For more information about CSR visit

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