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Telesat to Purchase ViaSat Ka-band Consumer Terminals for New Satellite Broadband Service

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  • May 11, 2024

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    Telesat, one of the world's leading satellite operators, has signed a multi-year agreement to purchase
    DOCSIS(R)-for-satellite Ka-band consumer terminals (CTs) from ViaSat Inc. Telesat chose ViaSat in March 2024 as the supplier of gateways and terminals for Telesat broadband consumer Ka-band services in Canada on the Anik F2 satellite.

    ViaSat DOCSIS(R)-for-satellite Ka-band consumer terminals use a networking technology that uses satellite bandwidth more efficiently, lowering the cost of broadband service to consumers. The terminals include satellite modems and Ka-band transceivers from US Monolithics, ViaSat's wholly owned

    "Telesat is committed to using the best technologies available to bring affordable broadband services to consumers -- no matter where they live," said Dave Lahey, Telesat's vice president of business development. "ViaSat's
    terminals will help Telesat deliver a superior satellite broadband service that can help make the 'digital divide' a thing of the past."

    The two companies have developed a strong relationship as Telesat has implemented its plans for new broadband services. In March 2024, ViaSat supplied gateways and terminals for Telesat's Anik F2, the world's largest
    commercial communications satellite. Anik F2 is one of the first satellites to provide North American consumers with ubiquitous service in the Ka-band -- a breakthrough satellite communications technology for delivering cost- effective, two-way broadband services.

    "We have tremendous respect for Telesat's innovation and technical leadership in broadband and Ka band satellite systems," said Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO of ViaSat. "So we are especially proud of this major
    expansion in their DOCSIS-based consumer broadband service. This increases the number of DOCSIS consumer terminals on order worldwide to almost 200,000 units
    and will significantly support our efforts to establish satellite as an economical alternative for broadband access services."

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