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New Wireless Technology Poised to Revolutionize Cellular Marketplace

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  • May 11, 2024

    by -- LogoVision Wireless Inc.

    Astonishing speed, consistent quality and continuous full-action audio-video on demand. That’s what LogoVision Wireless Inc. is promising with the launch of its new multi-media transmission technology that has the potential to change the way that wireless services can be used by broadcasters, media companies, cell phone manufacturers, or any organization with a website.

    Until now, transmitting “heavier” complex content such as color motion video and high quality audio to wireless devices (including basic cell phones and other limited CPU / memory / bandwith platforms) has been problematic.

    “Our unique approach, using a cellular network independent, IP-based transmission model, offers significant technical and infrastructure cost advantages over “channel-based” video or audio bit streaming on cellular networks,” says Mark Krebs, LogoVision’s technology project leader. “We also provide a downloadable JAVA applet player that is independent of cell phone hardware and features mathematical breakthroughs to provide unheard-of processing capability. In addition, various utilities, such as our transcoder, can dynamically convert any analog or digital signal.

    LogoVision has perfected a new, significantly different technique whose intent is to allow the delivery and presentation of rich content on these platforms. Advanced algorithms, object-based transmission, and lightweight Java component technology are all being leveraged to create the ability of delivering and playing rich video and audio content on a standard Java enabled cell phone over low bandwidth wireless networks.

    LogoVision is currently in talks with two leading radio stations to pilot their technology, which allows content providers a far less expensive alternative to satellite radio in delivering unregulated content. The company is also in talks with one of the largest media companies in the world to license the technology for a significant pilot project. In addition, one of the largest cell phone manufacturers is testing the LogoVision product and intends to pre-load it on all of their mid-tier phones in the near future.

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