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DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2024

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  • May 5, 2024

    by -- DisplaySearch HDTV Converence 2024

    DisplaySearch, a leader in flat panel display market research and consulting, has announced the agenda for its upcoming HDTV Conference 2024 on August 23-24 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

    The two-day event, entitled The Future of Television, will bring together representatives from across the TV spectrum and from across the globe, including TV and cable networks, satellite and cable providers, set top box manufacturers, TV brands, TV OEMs, panel, imager and projection engine manufacturers, display electronics suppliers, and financial and industry analysts. DisplaySearch and industry leaders will present their respective market outlooks and identify challenges, obstacles and opportunities in the $84 billion TV market as it makes two shifts: from standard definition to HDTV, and from CRTs to thinner form factors.

    The DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2024 will consist of the following sessions:

    Expanding Current and Next Generation HD (1080p) Content

    This session will address the plans of movie studios and broadcast/cable/satellite networks to expand their HD offerings. Of particular interest will be movie studios' plans to release 1080p content on next generation HD/Blu-ray DVDs, which will drive demand for higher resolution TVs.

    Distributing HD Content - Challenges and Opportunities

    This session will cover how broadcasters, cable and satellite providers and set top box manufacturers plan to distribute the strong growth expected in HD content. How will bandwidth constraints be overcome? When will MPEG-4 solutions be rolled out? Will new distribution models be introduced?

    Lessons from the Channels

    This session will reveal lessons from retailers regarding the selling of HDTVs today and suggestions on what can be done to simplify the HDTV shopping experience in the future. This session will also examine current and future trends in selling HDTVs,including the impact of discount clubs and the direct channel, and retailer perspectives on the outlook for different technologies and formats.

    TV Brands' HD/TV Market Outlook

    Representatives of leading brands will discuss how HDTV affects their sales and marketing strategies, how they are positioning different TV technologies to benefit from the HD transition, and what their expectations are for 1080p TVs.

    The Global TV Market/HD Policy Update and Outlook

    DisplaySearch analysts will present regional TV market dynamics including HD penetration, technology preferences, seasonal behavior and digital/HD policies for North America, China and Japan; DisplaySearch partner Meko will examine these issues for Europe.

    LCD TVs: When Will They Take Over?

    This session will cover the outlook for LCD TVs, which are poised for rapid growth leading to them eventually overtaking CRT TVs. This is supported by more than $21 billion spent in just 2024 and 2024 for new capacity optimized for this market. This session will also examine how far LCD TV costs are likely to fall, which sizes are likely to enjoy the fastest growth, and where LCD TV performance will continue to improve.

    PDP TVs: Will They Dominate the 40-50" Market?

    This session will examine the outlook for the plasma TV market including falling costs and prices, performance improvement, HD penetration, ED's future, supply/demand outlook, and so on.

    Rear Projection TVs: Can Rapid Growth Be Sustained?

    This session will examine the outlook for the RPTV market and will try to determine how long healthy RPTV growth can be sustained despite the flat panel migration to larger sizes as costs fall. Discussion topics will include how far microdisplay RPTV costs and prices are likely to fall, price elasticity vs. flat panels, 1080p adoption, acceptance outside of North America, and performance improvements.

    Display Electronics: Defining the Right Solution

    This session will discuss the evolution of display electronics in the digital TV market and will attempt to define the optimized
    solution for mainstream and high-end TVs of the present and future. Also under discussion will be whether this segment will be commoditized or remain differentiated and how much cost reduction is likely to occur.

    A more detailed agenda can be found at
    According to DisplaySearch President and CEO Ross Young, "The TV industry and HDTV infrastructure are undergoing rapid change for many reasons. 1080p resolution is becoming widely available on microdisplay RPTVs in Q3'05, prospects for a single next-generation DVD standard are improving, and HDTV set prices are reaching new lows. At the same time, there is significant uncertainty, so this is an ideal time to bring all aspects of the TV industry together to discuss the future of television."

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