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Thales extends its Mobile TV systems capability to support QUALCOMM’s FLO Technology

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  • May 5, 2024

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    At NAB 2024, following the launch of its End to End Mobile TV Solution, Thales is pleased to announce the addition of the support of QUALCOMM ‘s FLO technology. Thales Mobile TV global solution is based on leading edge and already widely adopted systems including:

    * The SmartCast Mobility Video Head end platform
    * The SmartVision Mobility Video Service platform
    * Broadcasting Transmitters Affinity / Optimum / Ultimate for delivery in various bands

    Thales showcased mobile TV during the show with comprehensive live demos establishing compatibility with most of mobile TV standards and receiving terminals as well as Broadcasting frequency bands (VHF/UHF/L- band).
    Thales and QUALCOMM entered into a co-development program to combine Thales’ digital exciter and signal correction experience with QUALCOMM’s FLO modulation technology to create a FLO compatible exciter. The ULTIMATE transmitter with embedded FLO exciter will provide an extremely reliable solution for distribution of high quality streaming video and audio content to consumer’s handheld devices.

    “QUALCOMM is pleased that Thales recognizes the market potential of FLO and has taken positive steps to support FLO technology and MediaFLO,” said Jeff Lorbeck, vice president and general manager of QUALCOMM’s MediaFLO USA, Inc. subsidiary.

    “MediaFLO is evidence of QUALCOMM’s continuing innovation in the wireless space and Thales is very pleased with the on-going engineering program with QUALCOMM,” states Roger McGarrahan, CEO of Thales Broadcast & Multimedia. “Thales’ ULTIMATE UHF solid-state transmitter is a field proven architecture and is a natural fit for any service provider planning to deploy a MediaFLO network.”

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