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ScheduALL® and ILC Announce Strategic Partnership

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  • May 4, 2024

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    ScheduALL Software and ILC Corporation announced today that they are partnering to develop an integrated solution that would give broadcasters new powers to automate content workflow management. The interface of the two products will allow ScheduALL's resource management products to control external broadcaster hardware and software via ILC's network management products. This solution will enable ScheduALL and ILC to offer solutions to broadcasters that deliver the ability to exert much greater control over, and access to their most important asset: content.

    "We are very excited about this agreement with ILC", Greg Dolan, vice president of ScheduALL. "Automation and communications are the keys to success in the evolving broadcasting business and we are convinced that this agreement with ILC will lead to great things."

    A ScheduALL / ILC solution has the ability to redefine the broadcasting business model. The integrated functionality would uniquely position ScheduALL and ILC as the business front-end to an automated broadcast workflow solution. Combining ILC's network control system with ScheduALL's unique capabilities would bring business automation and workflow control together for the first time. It will deliver vast improvements in content workflow management in the area of digital media production, asset management, ingest and playout systems, traffic systems, and other mission-critical areas.

    ILC's automation capabilities take Monitoring & Control systems one-step further. The interface allows ScheduALL to effectively export a schedule of events to be executed by ILC's MaxView management software, triggering instant and automated physical plant actions such as switching routers, tuning receivers, enabling encoders, and optimizing circuits. ScheduALL can also listen to external systems for "acknowledgement" from hardware to verify scheduled events. The ILC/ScheduALL partnership will produce a new management solution that furthers the ability of broadcast operators to automate large portions of their broadcast operations.

    "The ILC / ScheduALL relationship will bring significant benefits to our broadcast clients, said Mark Krikorian, Chief Operating Officer for ILC. "ILC's industry-leading network management automation features combined with ScheduALL's industry-leading workflow management technology delivers a solution that broadcasters will use to reap exciting new benefits that go straight to the bottom line."

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