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Sony wireless microphone system targets news, video and post applications New "plug-on" transmitter converts wired microphones to wireless

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  • May 4, 2024

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    Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading supplier of electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today introduced the UWP-C3 wireless microphone package.

    The latest addition to Sony's UWP Series microphone family, the UWP-C3's plug-on transmitter easily converts a wired microphone into a wireless mic via XLR connections and is designed for use with Sony's new F-112 dynamic microphone.

    The wireless system is especially well suited to cost-effective news gathering applications.

    “This new wireless microphone package provides a complete turnkey system at a practical price,” said Sebastian Scala, Marketing Manager, Professional Audio, Broadcast & Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. “Outfitted with a newly developed plug-on microphone transmitter, a portable tuner and a full complement of required component accessories, the system is not only reliable and sonically pristine, but also ruggedly built, making it ideal for videographers, ENG teams and documentary makers.”

    The UWP-C3 achieves stable transmission and reception by incorporating a UHF PLL (Phase Locked Loop) frequency synthesized system and dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits that automatically select the strongest available RF signal for output.

    The synthesized wireless microphone system also features:

    · Simultaneous Multi-channel Operation: Allows simultaneous operation of up to 16 wireless microphones. Optimum combinations of interference-free frequencies are stored in the tuner;
    · Backlit LCD: Provides extensive information including operating channel number and MHz frequency, attenuator level, audio-input status, RF-output status, transmitter-battery status and accumulated operating time. Two AA-size batteries provide approximately six hours of continuous operation;
    · Portable Tuner: Features angle-adjustable antennas to help eliminate signal dropout, also providing mounting position flexibility for camcorder use; and
    · Pre-Programmed Operating Frequencies: Incorporates pre-programmed frequencies that meet the wireless-communication regulations of each country.

    The UWP C3 Series UHF wireless microphone system utilizes three core technologies to supply stable transmission and reception:

    · PLL Synthesized System: A stable carrier signal helps prevent interference with other frequency channels via a preferred channel selection option;
    · Space Diversity Reception System: Achieves a stable reception through dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits and automatically selects the best RF signal for quality performance; and
    · Tone Squelch Circuitry: Helps prevent potential interference from transmissions of other wireless devices. The UWP-C3 Series outputs the audio signal only when a 32-kHz pilot-tone is recognized.

    The UWP-C3 wireless microphone system is planned to be available in September at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $895 for each system configuration.

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