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Sony expands Luma Series of LCD monitors for professional video production applications

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  • May 4, 2024

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    Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading supplier of electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today introduced the newest additions to its LUMA™ line of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, offering video professionals more options for choosing configurations that fit diverse broadcast and post-production applications.

    The new models fall into four categories: multi-format two-piece systems, one-piece standard-definition monitors, rack-mount multi-monitor solutions and a handheld monitor.

    “For customers making the leap from cathode ray tube (CRT) to LCD, as well as standard-definition (SD) to high-definition (HD), the newly expanded LUMA line can make these transitions as seamless as possible,” said Ivan Reel, Product Manager, Acquisition & Professional Display, Broadcast & Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. “One key feature we've incorporated into many of the new models is Sony's ChromaTru colour processing, a key differentiator from other available LCD displays. This unique technology compensates for variations in LCD color levels commonly caused by differences in chromaticity coordinates, colour temperature and gamma curves.”

    HD/SD Multi-Format Two-piece Models

    Five new LUMA two-piece models (LMD-152, LMD-172W, LMD-212, LMD-232W and LMD-322W) feature Sony's ChromaTru colour processing technology.

    ChromaTru processing is based on colour space conversion and white balance adjustment. Colour space conversion adjusts chromaticity coordinates, colour temperatures and gamma curves. White balance adjustment delivers broadcast-quality gradation while maintaining standardized gamma characteristics. The technology allows each model in this series to closely colour-match not only other LUMA monitors but also the SMPTE-C, EBU or ITU-709 color standards traditionally used in CRT models.

    One-piece SD Monitors

    Two 14-inch and two 20-inch SD monitors (LMD-1410/1420, LMD-2010/2020) display 640 X 480 pixels video graphics array (VGA) resolution and can be rack-mounted or wall-mounted with VESA mounts. Users can adjust color temperature, select between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and work with a scan mode range of –3 percent to 5 percent.

    The LMD-1420 and LMD-2020 can also be viewed in blue-only mode with center and safety markers, and these monitors are available with an AR coated protection panel and an SDI optional input board (BKM320D).

    Rack Mount Multi-Monitors

    The panels on these second-generation LUMA models feature wider viewing angles and improved brightness and contrast. The LMD-4420 and LMD-5320 are 4:3 displays, and the LMD-7220W is 16:9, and all three are also available with the BKM320D SDI input option.

    Handheld Monitors

    The LMD-9050 is a nine-inch SD/HD monitor solution with built-in HD-SDI capability. Targeted as a replacement for Sony's BVM-D9 CRT monitor, the LMD-9050 can also display 720/50P signals.

    All screen sizes are stated in terms of viewable area, measured diagonally. Suggested list pricing for the new LUMA models are as follows:
    · LMD-152 $1,850;
    · LMD-172W $2,250;
    · LMD-212 $3,199;
    · LMD-232W $3,100;
    · LMD-322W $8,100;
    · LMD-1410 $999;
    · LMD-1420 $1,849;
    · LMD-2010 $1,849;
    · LMD-2020 $3,299;
    · LMD-4420 $2,895;
    · LMD-5320 $2,895;
    · LMD-7220WS $2,699; and
    · LMD-9050 $5,349.

    The Media Engine MEUWXL is $1,599 and must be combined with two-piece models, including LMD-212, LMD-232W and LMD-322W.

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