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Dielectric’s New 700 Series Antennas Provide Flexible Options for Mobile Media

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  • April 11, 2024

    by -- Dielectric

    Dielectric Communications today announced the introduction of a full line of antennas designed for the 700-MHz Mobile Media spectrum. The new 700 Series includes slotted coaxial, panel, and stripline antennas that can be horizontally, vertically, circularly, or elliptically polarized and customized. The 7C, 7P, and 7S Series will make their debut at the company’s NAB2005 exhibition, booth C7807, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 18-21, 2024.

    “Our 700 Series features innovative new designs specifically tailored to fit the unique requirements of stations broadcasting in the lower and upper 700-MHz band,” said Jay Martin, vice president of sales and marketing at Dielectric. “These antennas are compact, lightweight, and easy to mount. Customized azimuth patterns, elevation patterns, gain, beam tilt, and null fill are available with every 700 Series antenna, providing a solution that blends design flexibility with Dielectric’s trademark stamp of quality.”

    The 7C Series consists of slotted coaxial antennas designed for applications requiring a lightweight, low-cost 6- or 10-MHz solution in the 700-MHz band. It retains the standard center-fed pylon style that has long been popular for its simple, rugged, and reliable construction. It is available in horizontally, circularly, and elliptically polarized versions.

    Featuring a unique, compact panel, the 7P Series meets both omni-directional and unique pattern requirements with either horizontal or vertical polarization. The panel’s wide impedance and pattern bandwidth make it suitable for multiplexed channels, and the number and location of the panels can be varied to determine the azimuth and elevation patterns. Each individual panel’s input can be 7/16 DIN or type N, while the array feed system can be specified to accommodate any input size. Customized versions and circular or elliptical polarizations are available by request, and a 7PD version offers a duplet option with two layers incorporated into one panel with a single feed point.

    For applications requiring a horizontally polarized, omni-directional broadband solution, the 7S Series of stripline antennas has 80 percent less windload than a comparable panel antenna by virtue of its enclosure in a full radome. It is available in one to four sections, and while the input to each individual four-layer section is type N, the array feed system can be specified to accommodate any input size.

    Every 700 Series antenna from Dielectric is supplied with all necessary feed lines and power dividers, which are all factory-tested prior to shipping. More information about the 700 Series and other antennas from Dielectric is available at and at NAB2005 booth C7807.

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