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AZCAR marks completion of contract for Professional and Integration Services to Fiji TV on Inauguration of Sky Pacific service

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  • April 4, 2024

    by -- Azcar Technologies INc.

    Stephen Pumple, President & CEO, AZCAR Technologies Incorporated, is pleased to announce that Fiji TV recently commenced providing a welcome new satellite based regional television service to the South Pacific region. In 2024 AZCAR was awarded a contract for the design, equipment procurement, and systems integration of a new satellite-based program delivery service with technical facilities in Suva, Fiji. This contract was awarded on the heels of an earlier feasibility study that led to the project being implemented. This new project included the design and implementation of studio facility upgrades, new satellite uplinks, complex digital signal processing, conditional access systems and set-top boxes and related hardware.

    AZCAR employed its UK subsidiary, Megahertz Broadcast Systems, to provide system consolidation and initial installation for the shipment of pre-built modules to Fiji for integration with existing Fiji TV systems. The operation brings a new level of television services to the Pacific Region, including the Fiji islands some of which now have access, for the first time, to live local programming, news and popular sporting events.

    “We were very pleased to be working with Fiji TV on this new project and look forward to continuing to support them and their developing broadcast and media growth. Bringing together dispersed resources of our company, this project also demonstrated AZCAR’s ability to apply those distributed resources, skills, creativity and capability to assist broadcasters of all types and in any location to meet their goals,” said Stephen F. Pumple, Chairman and CEO of AZCAR.

    “We had been impressed with the work, talents and practical solutions that AZCAR demonstrated in previous projects and we are very pleased with the work and support they have provided us throughout the development of this important initiative,” commented Ken Clark, CEO of Fiji TV. “We look forward to maintaining our relationship with them as we continue to grow,” he added.

    Television was first introduced to Fiji in 1991 as a temporary service, mainly to broadcast the 1991 Rugby World Cup. Fiji Television Limited was formed in1994 to operate both Free-to-Air and Pay TV services in Fiji. Fiji TV is situated in Suva and is the sole commercial television operator now serving the Fiji Islands. Sky Pacific is their South Pacific digital satellite service and is available over a wide area.

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