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Ross Advances OverDrive v2.0 with the Integration of Avid the iNEWS system

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  • March 8, 2024

    by -- Ross Video Limited

    Ross Video today announced the integration of the OverDrive v2.0 production control system with the Avid® iNEWS® newsroom computer system. The integration streamlines
    workflow and gives a more consistent live news production.

    OverDrive is a flexible production control system that enables touch screen control over the devices used in a production environment.
    OverDrive integrates with the Ross Synergy SD and MD/X series of production switchers, leveraging their control interfaces over video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores and more.

    The Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system is an advanced system that provides journalists with all the tools necessary to create, organize and deliver news broadcasts right from their desktop. With advanced machine control, the ability to store CGs with scripts, automated ingest of newswires and stories, and seamless integration with Avid editing systems, the Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system continues to set the standards for newscast accuracy and ease of use.

    OverDrive version 2 provides a MOS interface to the Avid iNEWS system through the Avid MOS gateway. The integration also features an OverDrive ActiveX plug-in that sits on the Avid iNEWS desktop. This MOS interface enables production elements, such as switcher effects, DVE effects and robotic camera moves to be placed directly into the rundown. The interface provides a live link from the iNEWS rundown to the OverDrive production rundown. Changes made in the iNEWS system are immediately reflected in OverDrive, allowing for the most up-to-date material to be
    used in the production.

    “The integration of OverDrive with the Avid iNEWS system provides customers with a powerful news production control solution,” said OverDrive Product Manager, Brad Rochon, “Our experience working with Avid on this project was very positive, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

    “Today’s live news productions can use the advanced Avid iNEWS and OverDrive technologies to create a more efficient and consistent news product,” said Bob Long, director, Broadcast Third Party Strategy, Avid Technology, Inc. “We have developed a solid collaboration with Ross for
    the successful integration of our technologies.”

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