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The e2v water-cooled ESCIOT, a revolutionary cost saving amplifier for US broadcasters

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  • March 7, 2024

    by -- e2v Technologies

    Only one year after the first installation of e2v’s revolutionary water-cooled Energy Saving Collector IOTs (ESCIOT®), US broadcasters are achieving substantial savings on their utility bills.

    Word of the cost savings found by e2v’s customers has led other broadcasters to seek the huge benefits of using the highly efficient ESCIOT®. Demand is growing and e2v now has more than 25 tubes on air with orders for an increasing number of tubes to be shipped in the forthcoming year.

    John Anderson, Chief Engineer of KUAT reports “As a dedicated user of e2v products since the 1960s I welcomed the opportunity of joining with Axcera in pioneering the use of e2v's ESCIOT® in their new transmitter which is now operating at full power at 8500ft. The wait for these tubes was worthwhile, and the engineering support from both e2v and Axcera has been exemplary”.

    Environmentally the ESCIOT® is the obvious choice, consuming 30-35% less power than a conventional IOT; this alongside the use of de-ionised water in its cooling system reduces environmental worries for our customers.

    Nat Ostroff, Chairman of Ai stated, "The Ai Quantum Depressed Collector Series of transmitters using the e2v ESCIOT® have delivered outstanding results in both power savings and reliability."

    e2v’s ESCIOT® combines the proven water cooled Energy Saving Collector type (ESC) as used on the KSC range of klystrons with the company’s well proven and market leading IOTs. The ESCIOT® uses similar collector construction to that used successfully on depressed collector klystrons, where long-term operation has been demonstrated with deionised water.

    Tests have proved that the ESCIOT® is 40-50% more efficient than an IOT in both analog and digital service. The graph below illustrates the substantially improved efficiency levels experienced with the e2v ESCIOT® in comparison to an IOT:

    By using proven and safe technology e2v has been able to improve UHF power amplification efficiency while optimizing simplicity and cost-effectiveness for its customers.

    Richard Schwartz, Director of Product Management at Axcera commented, "Our customers have experienced significant power savings since installing Axcera Visionary series transmitters using e2v's ESCIOT® in both analog and DTV operation. This tube has met all performance and reliability expectations and we have received a superior level of customer service from e2v, from qualification through implementation."

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