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Harris Corp. Is Exclusive Supplier of Transmitters for NTL Broadcast Mobile TV Trial in the UK Harris DTV660 Series transmitters are DVB-H-ready

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  • February 24, 2024

    by -- Harris Corporation

    Harris Corporation today announced that it has entered into a teaming agreement with NTL Broadcast, a major UK broadcast transmission provider, as the exclusive supplier of broadcast transmitters for a mobile TV trial using the DVB-H
    (Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld) standard.

    The trial, mounted by NTL Broadcast and mobile operator O2, will cover 120 square kilometers in the Oxford area of the United Kingdom, using 10 transmitting sites. At each site Harris will install its DVB-H-ready DTV660 Series transmitters with power between 100W-200W. The DTV660 Series transmitters are based on the highly successful digital
    television transmitters and single-frequency network products built by Harris' European operations. NTL Broadcast and O2 will test their business model and consumer mobile TV preferences beginning in June this year.

    During the trial, 500 O2 customers with multimedia mobile phones will receive a line-up of 16 TV channels comprising music, sports, news, comedy, soaps, documentary, drama, cartoons and specialist channels, including interactive gaming and shopping. The trial will test consumer demand for mobile TV services, the perceived value of specific types of
    content, and likely viewing habits that could shape an eventual service proposition.

    "This is a commercial trial to test the business case for a mobile TV service in the UK," said Terry Howard, head of media business development at NTL Broadcast. "We've performed extensive market research about consumer demand and viewing habits and it looks very positive, but
    these results need to be validated in a trial environment with the help of key players in the industry such as Harris. With our significant broadcasting assets, close relationships with content companies and track record of technology innovation, we're ideally positioned to pull this together and we expect the results of the trial to help us shape any future national service deployment."

    Harris Broadcast Communications Division is a global leader in the management and distribution of rich media, and is a technology leader in emerging standards such as DVB-H for the delivery of video to mobile receivers, having already established itself as a leader in the delivery of terrestrial digital television and audio. Information gained during
    the Oxford trial will hasten the provision of new services over
    terrestrial broadcast and cellular networks.

    According to Dave Stephenson, vice president of Harris Broadcast Europe, "This trial is very important for Harris. To work with a strong partner like NTL Broadcast on such a new technology is a win for both parties.
    Such trials are the first step in getting a new technology to market, and in acquiring useful knowledge that is very important for the future planning and strategy of Harris, NTL Broadcast and the other partners."

    Harris has emerged as the leader in DVB-H technology, having been selected by NTL Broadcast and by The Bridge Networks in Australia to supply the transmission products for their respective trials. These selections make Harris a strong choice for future DVB-H and DVB-T projects. NTL Broadcast's DAB network is already based on transmitters from Harris Broadcast Systems Europe.

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