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Thales Demonstrates New DVB-H Services at 3GSM World Congress

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  • February 14, 2024

    by -- Thales Broadcast & Multimedia

    At the 3GSM World congress, Thales is pleased to demonstrate the capabilities of its DVB-H system which can integrate content protection solutions to offer new services to mobile TV users.

    Thales’ DVB-H head-end equipment can thus be used to broadcast live free-to-air TV services which can be accessed by all users, pay-per-view programs based on the acquisition of tokens, or programs available on subscription.

    Thales will also present a user portal granting access to all the functionalities related to video services which can be proposed to mobile phone or PDA owners such as live video watching, Electronic Service Guide (ESG), subscription to advanced services like interactive games or e-shopping and user account management.

    Leveraging on field-proven hardware and software platforms, Thales offers fully DVB-H compliant Digital Television (DTV) head-ends, ready for operational use. Operators will thus be able to perform low bit rate encoding, encapsulate data content into video streams, multiplex both low and high resolution video contributions, modulate the signal according to the relevant scheme, and transmit it to the mobile receivers in a wide array of frequency bands. The key step of IP encapsulation is provided by Thales’ award winning encapsulator, OPAL, which performs Time Splicing and Forward Error Correction Management according to the specificities of the DVB-H standard.

    By extension of its expertise in the DTV market, Thales provides solutions to meet any existing or future standards requirements.

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