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Dielectric Introduces New �Hot-Switchable� HDR Dibrid� IBOC Combiner

January 27, 2022

by -- Dielectric

Dielectric Communications today announced the introduction of the HDR Dibrid� combiner. The Dibrid facilitates in-band on-channel (IBOC) radio broadcasts that combine analog and dual sideband digital signals. Because the Dibrid does not use switches, it permits �hot switching� that keeps broadcasters on the air as functions are changed while also extending the operating life of transmitter components.

�Prior to the introduction of our Dibrid, radio stations had to use fixed combiners and a number of switches to provide HD radio broadcasts,� said John Chapman, vice president and general manager of Dielectric�s broadcast products. �This was an inflexible solution, and anytime there was a transmitter issue that required the broadcaster to change functions, the station had to go off the air. Our new Dibrid combiner applies conventional components from pre-existing military technology to provide broadcasters with a more versatile way to change functions without an interruption in service.�

By manipulating the functions appropriately, the operating life of many parts of the transmitter station can be extended considerably, resulting in a substantial reduction in operating costs. Dielectric has further streamlined broadcast operations by incorporating an on-board control for local or remote operation, allowing broadcasters to change functions on the Dibrid without traveling to the transmitter site.

Dielectric delivers the Dibrid as a stand-alone unit with two inputs and two outputs, which gives it the versatility to be utilized with a variety of transmitter combinations. Depending on the function, one transmitter or a combination of the two can be connected to the combiner�s inputs, while one output is attached to an antenna and the other to a station dummy load. Transmission modes can be set up to direct either the analog transmitter, digital transmitter, or a combination of both in a variety of different ratios to the antenna, with the residual power directed to the station load

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