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TNS MEDIA INTELLIGENCE AND MIJO CORPORATION FORM ALLIANCE MIJO to Sell TNSMI’s Broadcast Verification Services to Canadian and U.S. Clients

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  • January 24, 2024

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    TNS Media Intelligence, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information has signed an exclusive agreement with Canadian-based MIJO Corporation (est.1978), giving MIJO the license to sell TNS Media Intelligence’s Broadcast Verification Services’ (BVS) monitoring of Canadian television commercials.

    TNS Media Intelligence’s BVS is the industry’s premier next day broadcast monitoring service. Utilizing VEIL 2, the most widely used and robust technology in the marketplace, BVS monitors broadcast material including commercials, promos, PSAs, programs and video news releases in the U.S. and Canada.

    MIJO Corporation, the foremost broadcast distributor of television and radio commercials in Canada, offers a myriad of services to the advertising and motion picture industries. This agreement enables MIJO’s sales staff to offer the BVS Service, under the banner, BVS Canada, to the Canadian marketplace. Providing both accurate and timely proof that a media schedule was aired as planned, BVS Canada delivers vital information that helps make media buying more efficient and media plan auditing even easier.

    “This alliance enhances our BVS presence in Canada,” says Steven Fredericks, president and CEO of TNS Media Intelligence. “With MIJO, we are able to reach a wider base of advertising and marketing professionals who require the most timely, accurate verification of messages broadcast on Canadian television.”

    “As Canada’s leading edge company in commercial distribution, we believe BVS will be a great complement to the services available through MIJO. Not only will our clients know whether their broadcast schedules were achieved as planned, they’ll be apprised of this daily, within 24 hours of scheduled airtime," says Joel Reitman, President/CEO of MIJO Corporation. “Clients will be excited that BVS allows for quick identification of discrepancies, thus permitting immediate in-flight action. And they will be able to receive customized reporting or to have the raw data generated by BVS link directly into popular media-buying software programs. Either way, clients can now be released from the tedium of a manual verification process.”

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