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RDS (Le Réseau des Sports) and RIS Info-Sports join BBM Canada as PPM member

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  • December 17, 2024

    by -- BBM Canada

    BBM Canada is pleased to announce that RDS (Le Réseau des Sports) and RIS Info-Sports have recently joined BBM as PPM members. RDS has been a BBM diary broadcast member since 1990.

    RDS, the only network worldwide, broadcasting sport events 24 hours per day in French, is available in all Quebec households who subscribe to cable service, as well as some selected markets outside of Québec. Since its introduction in 1989, RDS has become a point of reference for sport events in French, with its programming being available to almost 6 million francophones.

    RIS Info-Sports is a new network available on digital which came on air October 21, 2024. It is the only French broadcaster totally dedicated to sport news.

    Lino Bramucci, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Netstar Sales says,"RDS and RIS are extremely happy to join BBM as PPM members. We want to offer our customers the best customer service possible and see the need to follow the trend in the industry for using PPM technology."

    Both networks are owned by Bell Globemedia, which owns several leading media organizations in Canada such as CTV Inc. and the Globe and Mail.

    We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with both companies and welcome them into the BBM fold.

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