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Ethnic Channels Group sets the heartbeat for Canadian ethnic television ECG launches two new 24/7 TV services: Arabic & Russian

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  • November 17, 2024

    by -- Ethnic Channels Group Ltd.

    Ethnic Channels Group Limited (ECG) launched two additional foreign television services on Rogers Digital Cable in Ontario: Abu Dhabi (Arabic service) and Centre TV (Russian service), that makes it 6 channels Ethnic Channels Group has launched on Rogers Cable thus far. Launches in various regions cable systems and DTH platforms are in final stage.

    Abu Dhabi continues to forge ahead in its role as one of the best media channels. A 24 hour 7 days a week Arabic language service, Abu Dhabi TV has a lineup of diverse Arabic-language programming from Abu Dhabi.
    Comprehensive news including political and current affairs programs, as well as family entertainment with popular Drama series and Documentaries. "Washington Post" ranked Abu Dhabi TV to be one of three most popular channels among Arabic- speaking viewers around the world.

    Centre TV General entertainment channel directly from Russia, broadcasted 24/7. Up-to date news, analytical and political talk shows appeal to all audiences across the vast country. The channel is one of the leading TV broadcasters in the Russian Federation. It's programming lineup includes movies, soap operas, cultural programs, news, public affairs, live coverage of local and national events, sports, science, children's shows, family entertainment and how-to programs.

    Ethnic Channels Group Limited (ECG) is established to provide international television and radio services within Canada. These services include a broad range of digital transmission and broadcast facilities as well as creative and post-channel production services for television and radio broadcast clients globally. The company is dedicated to serving the unique blend of cultures that exist in Canada estimated 3.5 million households. ECG's programming relationships will extend across government broadcasters in non-English speaking countries worldwide, as well as
    with key private broadcasters in those countries.
    ECG intends to deliver over 30 channels covering 25 different languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus allowing Canadians from different ethnic origins to follow developments in their native countries, the world and Canadian life style around the clock on the day-today basis. ECG is offering a unique brand of international television programs than those currently available in Canada.

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