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Mackie new Digital X Bus High-Definition Consoles are now available!

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  • November 8, 2024

    by -- SF Marketing

    Mackie recently announced that the X.200 version of their new Digital X Bus, High-Definition Digital Console has begun shipping to authorized dealers, and these are now available at SF Marketing Inc.
    About the Digital X Bus Mackie High-Definition Consoles
    The Digital X Bus platform is offered in two applications-specific variations - the X.200 and X.400. Both models share the same basic architecture and footprint including a unique dual touch-screen interface, 96kHz operation (optional to 192kHz), on-board automation and DSP, 25 high-quality 100mm Penny+Giles touch faders, configurable I/O card cage and a FireWire I/O card option for streaming to/from desktop or laptop computers. In addition, both models are compatible with select VST plug-ins and both integrate Mackie Control Universal functionality for controlling Pro Tools, Logic and other popular audio software applications.
    The X.200's individual feature set and price point make it the logical progression for current Mackie Digital 8·Bus (d8b) users. It features a 72 x 72 channel I/O matrix (36 x 36 at 192kHz) or 64 channels with DSP at 96kHz (32 channels with DSP at 192kHz). Channel DSP includes compressor/limiter, gate/expander, and four-band parametric EQ. A UAD-1 Powered Plug-ins card can be installed in the X.200 as an option.
    The X.400, which will begin shipping later this year, is designed for post-production and broadcast applications. It features a more expansive 96 x 96 channel I/O matrix (48 x 48 at 192kHz) or a minimum of 72 channels with DSP at 96kHz (36 channels with DSP at 192kHz). The X.400 also includes 24 buses (12 on the X.200), flexible panning assignment and complete surround monitoring features. Additionally, the X.400 ships with a UAD-1 DSP Card pre-loaded, providing instant access to popular powerful plug-ins like the TeletronixELA-2A·and 1176LN·compressors, Pultec Program EQ, and DreamVerb high-end reverb.

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