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BBM Canada Expands Competitive Television Tracking Service

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  • November 8, 2024

    by -- BBM Canada

    BBM Canada is excited to announce a major expansion of its Competitive Television Tracking service. With the support of Broadcasters and Advertising agencies, the Montreal Franco market has been added to the currently monitored markets of Toronto and Vancouver, effective September 27th, 2024. Both Conventional and Specialty stations will be digitally monitored, and the commercial data will be linked to the recently commercialized Portable People Meter (PPM) ratings. Data will be available to clients on a weekly basis, seven business days after the end of a broadcast week.

    "We are very encouraged by the support and acceptance for our launch in Montreal Franco. Experience has taught us that the commercial occurrence data will provide advertisers, agencies and broadcasters with new insights into how to compete more effectively", said Ron Bremner, VP Television, BBM Canada.

    With this expansion, BBM will provide subscribers with comprehensive competitive intelligence for the 3 major Canadian Television markets. Subscribers receive access to all advertising categories, companies, brands and creative themes. The reasonable rate structure allows subscribers to address both their client and internal needs in a cost effective manner. In addition, as a result of capturing all new Television Commercials, BBM will shortly be offering clients access to a comprehensive library of English and French commercials in avi file (auto video Interleave) format.

    In another exciting new development, BBM has linked the commercial occurrence data to InfoSys. Subscribers are now able to employ one tool to analyze audience data for programs and dayparts, as well as commercial ratings data. With the addition of the spots data, schedule reach/frequencies can now be based on programs, dayparts, or the actual commercials that ran. This feature greatly simplifies the post-buy process. Ad-Telligence, the current deliverable, will continue to run in parallel with InfoSys.

    “By adding Montreal Franco we now have the ability to provide our clients with key insight into competitive strategies for the three major Canadian television markets, in a timely manner. By having the commercial data in available in InfoSys we are able to analyze both program and commercial performance in a single software package” said Susan Ellsworth Vice President, Research Director, OMD Canada.

    “By linking the commercial occurrence data into InfoSys we are now able to provide clients with in-depth insight of competitors strategies to assist them in making knowledgeable business decisions, better understand and respond to changes in the marketplace in a timely manner, service and address their clients needs more efficiently” said Michael Abraham, CMR Project Manager, BBM Canada.

    As with the markets of Toronto and Vancouver, BBM will be working with Competitive Media Reporting (CMR), a Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) company, and will employ CMR’s latest MediaWatch system in Montreal, which includes full motion color creative capture. CMR is the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing communication information, to U.S. broadcasters, agencies, advertisers and publishers

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