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BBM Canada Survey Provides Insights on Internet Dating Habits of Married Adults, Youth Use of Chat Rooms and Children’s Education

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  • November 1, 2024

    by -- BBM Canada

    BBM Canada today announced the fall release of the RTS survey, Canada’s largest media-consumer study. The latest release highlights several unique findings including an increase in internet dating among married adults. The study also revealed that almost half of Canadian teens use on-line chat rooms, and a significant number of Canadian children are attending private learning centres.
    “Who are my consumers, what do they want and where can I advertise my product and/or service? These are key questions for both advertisers and broadcasters,“ said Craig Dorning, Marketing Manager, BBM Canada. “The RTS Survey is specifically designed to help answer those questions. The bi-annual study gives advertisers the edge they need to make the right buying and selling decisions and often reveals unique insight into Canadians’ lifestyles.”
    RTS provides unparalleled detail into the media and consumer preferences of Canadians.

    Survey highlights include:
    * 660,000 Canadian adults tried internet dating in the past year – up 2% from last year.
    * 19% are of these internet daters are married – up from 17% last year. Of those who are married and have used internet dating, 57% are men and 43% are women.
    * Almost half of Canadian teens (48%) use internet chat rooms while on-line.
    * 14% of Canadians had children in their household attend a private learning centre in the past three years.
    * 55% of young Canadians aged 12 to 24 download MP3 music files vs. 26% for the national average.
    * Young Canadians (18-24) and Canadian teens (12-17) are more than twice as likely than the average Canadian to have had a body part pierced in the past year.
    * 12% of youth (aged 12-24) had body piercings vs. the 5% Canadian average.

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