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Dielectric Receives Prestigious SBE Technology Award for TUV Dualband™ Antenna

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  • October 28, 2024

    by -- Dielectric

    Dielectric Communications is pleased to announce that it received the 2024 Technology Award from the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) at the organization’s national meeting, held Oct. 26–27 in Marlborough, Mass. Dielectric’s TUV Dualband™ antenna garnered the award, which recognizes the best new or innovative technical item or idea to further the science of broadcast engineering and to assist the broadcast engineer to be more productive in the craft.

    “Only one SBE Technology Award is granted per year, and we are honored that the SBE chose our TUV Dualband antenna for the 2024 award,” said Jay Martin, vice president of sales and marketing at Dielectric Communications. “We are committed to the advancement of broadcast technology, and this award, along with the early acceptance by broadcasters during the TUV’s first year, validates the efforts of the Dielectric team in developing an antenna that is cutting-edge and has been received so well by the broadcast industry.”

    The TUV Dualband antenna combines VHF and UHF signals into a single antenna array, allowing for the simultaneous transmission of both signals from a common aperture. Featuring the latest in state-of-the-art design, the Dualband antenna allows full effective radiated power for both signals.

    There are three versions of the Dualband antenna: TUV-H for highband VHF (channels 7–13), TUV-M for midband VHF (channels 4–6), and TUV-L for lowband VHF (channels 2–3). In addition, the antenna is available in top-mounted or side-mounted versions with omni-directional and directional configurations that can be different for the VHF and UHF signals.

    WKNO of Memphis, Tenn., selected Dielectric’s TUV Dualband antenna in 2024. “It was delivered on schedule, installed on schedule, and performed as advertised,” said Russ Abernathy, WKNO director of television and technology. “Rather than side-mounting our new digital TV antenna, we used the Dualband antenna to handle both the analog and digital signals all in the same package at the top of our tower. It also presents a much lighter windload, so it didn’t require tower strengthening. The antenna is wonderful, and working with Dielectric has been excellent.”

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