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  • October 27, 2024

    by -- Musicrypt

    CORUS Radio, Canada’s largest radio operator in terms of revenue and audience, has committed its entire chain of stations to receive digital music files exclusively from major record companies and independents via Musicrypt's secure Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS).

    CORUS’ Vice President, Programming, Ross Winters, said. "DMDS gives our programmers the ability to access music, review it, and collaborate on music programming decisions from personal computers anytime and anywhere. The Musicrypt software has been used throughout CORUS RADIO for over a year now and it has proven to be an excellent tool. Portability is important, and being able to move the secure files easily to my iPod, allows me to take the music with me when I leave the office."

    Musicrypt Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Peter Diemer said, "Corus’ commitment to use DMDS exclusively at their stations is another vote of confidence for Musicrypt. Musicrypt’s DMDS is already installed at most of the commercial radio stations in Canada, which also includes exclusive use by Standard Broadcasting and Rogers Radio. We’re very proud to announce that DMDS is now installed at all radio stations in Canada that are electronically monitored for chart purposes.

    Corus Entertainment is Canada’s largest radio operator and covers major market clusters in high-growth urban centres in B.C. Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Corus Radio is a part of Corus Entertainment, a Canadian-based market leader in both specialty TV and Radio. Corus also owns Nelvana Limited and other interests include music, television, broadcasting and advertising services.

    Musicrypt’s Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is the leading secure B2B digital delivery solution for the music industry. DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking. The first application of DMDS replaces the physical distribution of new musical recordings by record companies from the studio, internally, and to radio stations with more secure, more effective and less costly digital distribution of broadcast quality media via the Internet.

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