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CHUM Television first in Canada to install Sony's PetaSite Solution enables broadcaster to store content more cost- and space-effectively

October 19, 2022

by -- Sony of Canada

TORONTO, Ontario - Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading
electronic and computer products solutions provider for
consumers and business, today announced that its Broadcast
Communication Solutions Group has sold the first SAIT PetaSite
system in Canada to CHUM Television.

The industry-leading Sony SAIT PetaSite systems deliver
enterprise and digital content providers with native storage
capacity from 30 TB (terabytes) to up to 1.5 PB (petabytes) in
an automated solution that packs up to 250 TB of native capacity
per square meter of floor space. The systems also feature a
sustained transfer rate of up to 2.88 GB (gigabytes) per second
(a standard file can be restored in just over one minute).

The Sony SAIT PetaSite solution devised for CHUM features four
SAIT-1 drives, an Ethernet hub, a terminal server and a PetaSite
control unit. This basic entry system, encapsulated within a
standard 19-inch rack console, is scalable to house up to 12
drives and 216 cartridges for up to 108 TB of native capacity in
a flexible and highly available configuration. In addition to
the base console, CHUM has also added three cassette consoles,
enabling its SAIT PetaSite to store more than 600 TB of digital
content in a native capacity. Up to seven cartridge and/or drive
consoles can be added to the basic system, which allows users to
add up to 330 cartridges for 165 TB of extra native capacity,
and the drive/cartridge consoles can house up to 12 additional
drives and 258 additional cartridges, totaling nearly 135 TB of
extra native capacity in each console.

"We needed a solution that could effectively manage a
continually increasing level of critical content today, but
could also easily scale to meet our storage demands in the
future," said Bruce Cowan, Director, Broadcast Technology, CHUM
Television. "Sony's SAIT PetaSite system achieves these
objectives - and does so cost effectively and space-efficiently,
which are also key considerations at a television broadcast
centre that operates in one of the most competitive markets in
North America."

"Citytv Toronto, a division of CHUM Television, broadcasts
intensely local, urban-oriented and culturally diverse
television in its signature interactive style - a style of
programming that demands high content availability," said Anil
Sethi, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Communication Solutions
Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "We are very fortunate to have been
given the chance to work with Citytv and CHUM Television, a
longstanding and highly-valued customer, to install the first of
what will be many SAIT PetaSite systems solutions in Canada."

About CHUM Television

CHUM Television is a division of CHUM Limited (TSX: CHM/CHM.B,, one of Canada's leading media
companies and content providers which owns and operates 32 radio
stations, eight local television stations and 18 specialty
channels. In addition to international channel licensing
arrangements, CHUM's original content is seen in over 120
countries worldwide and is distributed via new media platforms,
including interactive television, wireless services and
exclusive CHUM-branded Internet properties.

About The Broadcast Communication Solutions Group

The Broadcast Communication Solutions (BCS) Group is a division
of Sony of Canada Ltd., headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. BCS
Group markets and supports Sony's full range of broadcast,
professional video and audio equipment, including high
definition video, interactive and security applications for the
broadcast, production, business, industry, government, medical
and education sectors through a network of authorized systems

About Sony of Canada Ltd.

Established in 1955, Sony of Canada Ltd. is a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Sony Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader
in the manufacture and marketing of electronic and computer
products for consumer, business, electronics publishing and
multimedia applications on a global scale. With headquarters in
Toronto, sales offices in Vancouver and Montreal and
distribution centres in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and Whitby,
Ontario, approximately 1,100 employees support more than 70 Sony
stores and a network of more than 3,000 authorized dealers
across Canada.

For further information, please visit us at,, or, Sony's
product information and e-commerce Web site, or contact:

John B. Challinor II APR Kim Cornofsky
General Manager, Advertising Counsellor
& Corporate Communications Technology Practice
Sony of Canada Ltd. Silverhammer Public Relations
(416) 495-3740 (416) 324-2022
[email protected] [email protected]

Barb Matheson
CHUM Television
(416) 591-7400, Ext. 2599
[email protected]

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