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Symetrix releases SymNet Designer 5.0, ships SymNet Express

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  • October 18, 2024

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    Symetrix, designers of the successful SymNet(tm) Audio Matrix line of audio processors, introduces SymNet Express. Representing the next generation of SymNet hardware development, Express are available in two versions - Express and Express Cobra. The Express series includes seven new audio processors that extend the utility of the SymNet technology into new applications, scenarios and price points.

    Express (non Cobra) is available in three models - 12x4, 4x12, and 8x8. These are targeted at stand-alone applications where a single DSP unit is sufficient to handle all of the common system processing requirements between the source gear (all inputs are line- or microphone-selectable) and the amplifiers.

    Express Cobra is available in four models - 12x4, 4x12, 8x8, and 4x4. Along with analog I/O, each includes an 8x8 CobraNet license, supporting Peak Audio's industry standard protocol for networked digital audio. These CobraNet-equipped units can interface with each other, with SymNet Audio Matrix systems using Symetrix CobraLink hardware, or with units from third party manufacturers supporting the protocol. Express Cobra models can function as basic components in a simple system, or as cost-effective remote I/O units in more complex audio system scenarios.

    Key hardware features include an onboard Ethernet interface so Express units can be mounted on a computer network (LAN) and accessed in real time from a remote location. Symetrix also addresses a question posed by DSP users by providing for the connection of a redundant 24-volt power supply (not included) on all Express models.

    All of the Express units are driven by SymNet Designer(tm) 5.0, the latest version of the powerful application software for Windows(r). This software allows offline creation and adjustment of processing systems from a desktop environment, and enables real-time control once the hardware has been commissioned onsite. SymNet Designer's comprehensive audio processing tool kit provides a myriad of options for system creation and control. Site files created in previous versions of SymNet Designer are compatible with the new version and can be loaded directly into upgraded hardware.

    New software features include new mixers, a new British EQ module, the ability to return to the last operational state when the hardware is power cycled, an auto firmware upgrade routine, and full support for the Motor Mix control surface by CM Labs.

    SymNet Express continues to rely on SHARC(r) floating point DSP chips from Analog Devices for its audio processing engine. Each unit includes two 100MHz processors capable of running the full gamut of Symetrix tools such as automixers, compressor/limiters, Feedback Fighters, matrix mixers, and more. SHARCs provide a very efficient processing platform allowing these units to handle a variety of audio signal processing tasks.

    Software upgrades, and additional information, are available as free downloads from the SymNet page at Firmware upgrades are included in the Designer application release, and are executed from the SymNet Designer environment.

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