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Mackie SRM350 active loudspeakers are now available!

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  • October 18, 2024

    by -- SF Marketing

    Mackie recently announced that the eagerly anticipated SRM350 Active Loudspeaker began shipping in September, and these are now available at SF Marketing Inc.
    The SRM350 benefits from Mackie Active loudspeaker technology as well as the world-class loudspeaker design talents at Eastern Acoustic Works. The SRM350 includes incorporates a 10-inch LF woofer and a wave-guide-loaded 1-inch HF driver with on-board amplifiers that supply 165-watts to the LF driver and 30-watts for the HF driver. This combination allows the SRM350 to achieve an impressive 121dB of output while maintaining the "studio-monitor" sound quality that is a hallmark of both Mackie and EAW.
    The SRM350 also features Mackie's new Active Protection Management System. APMS employs advanced limiting and variable thermal response circuitry, the first section to limit high input signals levels for constant clean output, while the second section monitors the operating temperature to keep the speaker running even in the harshest operating environments. In addition, Mackie's new Dynamic Bass Boost system boosts low-end frequencies as volume levels are reduced to create a well-balanced output at any level.
    Other SRM350 on-board active electronics include EQ, crossover, and phase alignment circuitry. The rear panel a has built-in mic/line input on a Neutrik comb connector, a level control, and mic/line switch along with power, limit and signal present LEDs.

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