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New six-channel Sony digital hard disc recorder adds live monitoring capabilities

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  • October 4, 2024

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    Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading supplier of
    electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today introduced
    the new HSR-X206 multi-channel hard disk recorder, providing a drop-in digital
    closed circuit security system that adds real-time remote video monitoring and
    reviewing while providing greater flexibility and lower maintenance costs than
    analog time lapse VCRs.
    The Sony HSR-X206 digital hard disc recorder incorporates multiplexing
    capabilities that allow independent recording/monitoring of six cameras -- the
    built-in network interface provides up to four users remote monitoring of live
    video from all cameras over the network.
    "This addition to the HSR-X line of recorders adds additional choice and
    flexibility in the transition to digital by enhancing analog surveillance
    systems with IP video surveillance capabilities," said Carlos Varela, Product
    Manager, Surveillance Products, Broadcast Communication Solutions Group, Sony
    of Canada Ltd. "As the shift from analog to IP (Internet Protocol)-based
    digital systems continues gathering momentum, the HSR-X206 digital recorder
    provides a bridge to carry our analog customers forward, and extends the
    return on the installed base of analog equipment."
    The HSR-X206 digital recorder replicates the functions of a multiplexer
    and an analog time lapse VCR and delivers the benefits associated with digital
    HDD (hard disc drive) recordings -- clear, crisp, undistorted images with
    instantaneous random-access to them. The HSR-X206 digital recorder allows
    multi-camera viewing of all six camera feeds on a single monitor and features
    a smooth refresh when viewing multiple camera footage (a refresh rate of 30
    frames per second for each image). The user has the option to record high
    resolution, high quality JPEG images of 720 X 240 pixels (NTSC) and can set
    five levels of picture quality: Hyper, Super, High, Middle and Low.
    To provide user-free operation, the large-capacity 320 GB (gigabyte) hard
    drive allows recording times ranging from 275 to 1,653 hours (11 to 69 days)
    of recording in highest quality Hyper Mode, and from 447 to 2,686 hours (18 to
    112 days) in High Mode (with recording time decreasing as each camera is
    added). When the storage capacity is filled, the oldest recordings can be
    overwritten automatically. The HSR-X206 digital recorder also allows playback
    of recorded images without having to stop recording.
    Up to four users can simultaneously monitor and review images as well as
    control the system remotely over a TCP/IP network-connected to a personal
    computer through a standard Web browser. Image data can also be transferred
    and downloaded over a network. Three levels of password protection secure the
    system from unauthorized access.
    Flexibility and ease of operation make the HSR-X206 digital recorder
    simple to set up and run with intuitive, menu-driven access to the
    comprehensive recording and playback features. Alarm recording can be
    triggered internally by programmable activity detection, externally or both.
    Moreover, users can conduct a post-activity search on the recorded video by
    specifying activity grids on specific areas of the recorded image to allow
    faster search and access.
    Pre-alarm recording is also available. Timer recordings can also be
    activated on a weekly or daily basis. The programmed recording function allows
    up to four presets that specify camera inputs and recording rates for each
    camera and can be used in conjunction with the timer and alarm recording
    features. The intelligent search function provides five parameters (alarm,
    alarm thumbnail, time/date, archive area, and activity detection) to pinpoint
    crucial images for speedy review.
    The HSR-X206 digital recorder's HDD is divided into three segments --
    normal recording, alarm recording and an archive. The data archive can be
    copied to various media through a built-in Compact Flash slot on the front
    panel. Other data security options include HDD mirroring and power failure
    The HSR-X206 digital recorder will be available in October at a
    manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) of $3,625.

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