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New Sony MPEG-4 network video camera expands market for IP surveillance

October 4, 2022

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Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading supplier of
electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today introduced
the SNC-RZ25N, a pan-tilt-zoom camera that enables remote viewing and
high-quality video capture over existing IP (Internet Protocol) networks
through MPEG-4 compression in addition to JPEG modes.
Offering highly sensitive IP monitoring capabilities on smaller bandwidth
and equipped with a built-in web server, the Sony SNC-RZ25N camera's
capabilities maximize bandwidth resources to create an effective and
economical platform for IP surveillance systems to operate on a broad base of
existing academic, corporate, and institutional networks.
Employing the latest 1/4 type Exwave HAD(R) technology, the SNC-RZ25N
camera delivers exceptional picture quality, even in low-light conditions.
Additionally, the camera includes audio monitoring via a built-in microphone
as well as an external microphone jack, active speaker output, and a new
"Day/Night" function, which provides optimized sensitivity in both daylight
and dark environments. During normal/daylight hours, the camera provides image
output in colour. As the surveillance scene darkens, the infrared cut-filter
is automatically replaced with a clear filter and switches to black-and-white.
The switches can be set through manual, automatic or timer settings.
"The SNC-RZ25N camera marks a new generation in network cameras that
delivers advanced features and functionality with the exceptional efficiency
that MPEG-4 affords," said Carlos Varela, Product Manager, Surveillance
Products, Broadcast Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "It
provides an exceptional value proposition for both those who have been
considering when to make the shift from legacy closed circuit to IP-based
security systems, as well as for those interested in an initial installation."
Mr. Varela said that the reduced bandwidth requirements of the SNC-RZ25N
camera makes IP-based security possible and practical for a much wider market.
As such, it leverages additional returns on existing IP infrastructure
investments made by academic, corporate and private institutions.
"IP video surveillance is a value-add that realizes the promise of IP
communications," said Mr. Varela. "Our MPEG-4 camera makes this application
feasible to many more IT managers and is an eye-opener for those who think
they are already getting the most from their bandwidth with just e-mail and
Internet access."
The SNC-RZ25N camera produces high-quality MPEG-4 images with 640 X 480
pixels maximum resolution at up to 18 frames per second (fps), and up to
30 fps at 320 X 240 pixels resolution. Images can also be compressed into JPEG
motion or still files. The camera also features a CCD, SteadyShot(R)
functionality and an integral 18x auto-focus zoom lens.
The camera provides support for various networking protocols, including
TCP/IP, DHCP, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SNMP (Simple Network Management
Protocol), SMTP (Simple Messaging Transport Protocol) and an RS-232C port. It
also has a compact flash slot for wireless networking or for the storage of
additional images.
Network features include Adaptive Rate Control to control Quality of
Service (QoS) over IP. This function automatically varies the audio and bit
rate transfer rate to meet changing network conditions, and selects the most
appropriate frame rates, helping to prevent audio and video breakup. Also
included are Simultaneous Access, which allows up to 20 (JPEG mode) and 10
(MPEG-4 mode) users to simultaneously access the camera, and a multicasting
capability, which, when configured with a multicasting router, can efficiently
stream video and audio to numerous users.
A built-in motion detector enables the camera to sense alarm events and
can be programmed to trigger alerts. The camera can attach and send the image
captured during the alarm as an email to a specified address. Additionally,
the SNC-RZ25N camera provides an analog video output.
The SNC-RZ25N camera is part of Sony's comprehensive line of
IP-addressable network cameras and takes its place alongside the highly
successful JPEG-only SNC-RZ30N camera. In addition to serving as integral
elements of a tightly integrated Sony IP Surveillance system, both cameras
incorporate open industry standards for interoperability with third-party
hardware and software.
Sony's SNC-RZ25N network video camera is planned to be available in
December at a manufacturers suggested retail price of $1,668.

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