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Sony video management software adds power of third party plugins

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  • October 4, 2024

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    Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading supplier of
    electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today announced
    the opening of the application program interface (API) for its Real Shot(TM)
    Manager IP video monitoring software platform to third-party software
    Opening the Real Shot Manager platform creates significant new
    opportunities for software developers, system integrators and value added
    resellers to craft scalable, upgradeable, customized solutions with the
    economy of off-the-shelf products as additions to Sony's Real Shot Manager
    software. Customers will have available to them total solutions or turnkey
    packages built on Sony's Real Shot Manager platform enhanced with plug-ins
    from third parties, which will deliver the latest advances in intelligent
    Carlos Varela, Product Manager, Surveillance Products, Broadcast
    Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd., says that the API for Real
    Shot Manager software is a significant advance for the security industry.
    "We are witnessing the creation of many innovative stand-alone solutions,
    but getting these to work together at the back end can be a complicated
    undertaking," said Mr. Varela. "Now, as developers take advantage of Real Shot
    Manager's API opportunity, our customers will have third-party, plug-in
    solutions available to them to suit their specific needs."
    Mr. Varela sees this as a win-win for Sony and these software providers
    because it provides customers flexibility and value.
    "ObjectVideo, Vidient Systems and MATE Technologies provide intelligent
    innovation in their distinct areas of expertise and we are pleased that they
    are supporting the new platform," said Mr. Varela. "With Real Shot Manager as
    the front-end for their products, they can count on the quality and
    reliability of our system as well as the power of Sony's presence in the
    security products market."
    Real Shot Manager version 2 software incorporates a broad range of
    functions, but is designed to be easy to operate. It has user-friendly
    graphical interface with flexible recording/playback capability, dynamic
    masking, activity detection, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities and enhanced alarm
    These monitoring capabilities are built on a server/client architecture,
    allowing users to configure a highly scalable system that can monitor and
    control a virtually unlimited number of cameras from remote locations. The
    software supports Sony's IP addressable network cameras as well as analog
    cameras with video network server adapters. Real Shot Manager software is
    designed to operate in a broad range of installations from single location
    surveillance to midsized organizations.
    Now, plug-ins available from third parties will open the potential for
    expanding and adapting Real Shot Manager platform-based installations into
    mission-specific systems to meet the most exacting end-user application.

    ObjectVideo VEW 2.0 Sets the Rules in Real-Time
    ObjectVideo VEW 2.0 applies computer vision technology to detect,
    identify, classify and track objects in real-time. When user-defined security
    rules are violated, it generates alerts automatically and instantly sends them
    to the e-mail addresses, cell phones, personal digital assistants and alert
    consoles of security personnel. According to Raul J. Fernandez, CEO of
    ObjectVideo Inc., VEW customers include the Department of Homeland Security
    and a variety of U.S. government and leading private sector businesses,
    including ports, airports, and petroleum and chemical companies.
    "ObjectVideo VEW 2.0 is a natural fit with Real Shot Manager and we are
    excited to participate in the launch of a key platform for security software,"
    said Mr. Fernandez. "With our plug-in products, Sony IP security customers can
    optimize their system's protective capabilities with the most sophisticated
    alert technology."

    Vidient System's SmartCatch(TM) Sifts Out the Suspicious
    Vidient SmartCatch(TM) behavior recognition software uses advanced new
    video algorithms for access control, perimeter monitoring, asset protection
    and other applications. According to Brooks McChesney, CEO and founder of
    Vidient Systems Inc., SmartCatch software is presently deployed at major
    airports, such as San Francisco International, Salt Lake City International
    and San Diego International, and within major corporations and institutions,
    including Raytheon and the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.
    "We are very pleased to have been selected by Sony to be among the first
    to showcase our software application on the Real Shot Manager platform," said
    Mr. McChesney. "Through our affiliation with Sony, Vidient will help deliver
    technology that achieves new levels of functionality and accuracy in the most
    demanding internal security environments."

    MATE Technologies Looks Risks Right in the Face
    Mate's Face Recognition technology detects and tracks faces in real-time
    live video frames received from networked IP cameras. On-demand, captured
    faces are matched against a watch-list of suspects to verify the suspect
    identity. According to Moti Gura, CEO of MATE, integrating Mate's Face
    Identification Server with Real Shot Manager software enables customers to
    enjoy an improved means of identifying suspicious subjects on site for
    improved security.
    "We consider Sony's choice of our face recognition application, a show of
    confidence in our technology," said Mr. Gura. "By seamlessly integrating our
    application to the Real Shot Manager software, the video received from the IP
    security cameras, benefits customers with the new and innovative aspect of
    identity-based security."

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