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New Sony colour surveillance camera series masters lighting challenges

October 4, 2022

by -- Sony of Canada

Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading supplier of
electronic and computer products for consumers and business, today unveiled
the SSC-E Series colour video cameras.
The Sony SSC-E Series cameras feature the new SuperExwave(TM) CCD
combined with the latest advances in digital signal processing (DSP)
technology to enable day/night monitoring and surveillance applications, as
well as other challenging lighting conditions including backlighting, bright
sunlight and deep shadows.
"Analog security systems are improved dramatically with innovations in
digital imaging technology," said Carlos Varela, Product Manager, Surveillance
Products, Broadcast Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "The
SSC-E Series cameras provide added performance and versatility to successfully
operate in environments that once were problematic."
Designed to meet the demands of a broad range of lighting conditions, the
SSC-E Series camera is suited for round-the-clock surveillance in locations
such as transportation facilities, schools, and parking lots. These
high-resolution, low-noise, colour cameras incorporate a newly developed
1/3-type IT CCD with SuperExwave technology and Sony DSP technology to achieve
extremely high sensitivity levels at a high horizontal resolution of 540 TV
lines in colour.
The SuperExwave CCD imager's increased sensitivity allows it to achieve a
minimum illumination of just 0.55 lux and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio
of more than 50 dB (decibels). Sensitivity is improved across the spectrum
with a dramatic 50 percent gain in near infrared, 10 percent in visible light
as compared to the previous Exwave HAD imager. The cameras are designed for
NTSC areas and have a 380K pixel sensor.
The SSC-E473 camera offers the addition of a Day/Night feature that
optimizes sensitivity by automatically switching filters to suit the
situation. As the scene darkens, an infrared filter is automatically replaced
with a clear filter as the camera switches to black-and-white mode. The
minimum illumination of the camera in B/W mode is 0.05 lux.
The camera offers two modes of auto white balance, ATW PRO and ATW. ATW
PRO results in an image as the eyes would register it, while the Wide range
ATW mode automatically adjusts the white balance between the color temperature
range of 2022 degrees to 10,000 degrees Kelvin to achieve proper color images.
Despite the SSC-E470 Series' image capture capabilities and wide-ranging
sensitivity, they are lightweight and low profile and can be installed in
installations that would be difficult for larger cameras. Their stylish design
and features such as cord covers enable the cameras to blend in well with the
existing room d�cor, and a specially designed lens cover protects the lens
from dust.
The SSC-E470 Series colour video cameras accept industry-standard
CS-mount lenses and can also be connected easily to DC-servo lenses. The
SSC-E473/E473P have dual power capabilities and automatically select AC24V or
DC12V for proper operation.
The SSC-E453 and SSC-E473 video cameras are planned to be available in
November, at manufacturers suggested retail prices of $326 and $370,

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