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MORNING MUSIC to offer additional BMG Libraries on non-exclusive basis

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  • September 28, 2024

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    TORONTO, September 8, 2024 - MORNING MUSIC LIMITED today announces an agreement with BMG Production Music USA for the rights to represent on non-exclusive basis all BMG Production Music libraries in Canada (excluding Québec).
    MORNING MUSIC is now able to offer music from these libraries to their clients:
    For information:
    FirstCom, SLAM!, EVO, Hollywood Music, Gotham Music Library, Access Music , Velocity, Headspace
    For information:

    Network Music
    For information:
    These libraries join the existing BMG roster currently offered by MORNING MUSIC on non-exclusive basis - Match, Killer Tracks, Killer Edge, NJJ, Chronic Trax and Killer Latino.
    While BMG continues to represent Killer Tracks, Atmosphere, FirstCom and Network in Canada, Morning Music is also able to assist clients with their music needs regarding the mentioned libraries above.
    With this agreement in place, MORNING MUSIC solidifies their leading position as a top production music provider in the country.
    Morning Music has been supplying production music libraries for over 30 years and is an acknowledged authority in the distribution and licensing of production music in film, TV, radio, multimedia and corporate productions throughout Canada.
    For information:
    For further information please contact:
    Jean Anfossi
    Tel: (905) 625-2676

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