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Sound Source is pleased to announce the addition of three new programs and a new production service to their roster.

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  • September 28, 2024

    by -- Sound Source Networks


    Based on today's frenetic world, it is reassuring to know there can be a
    show which offers a balance, on social, financial, and lifestyle issues.
    Provoking at times, informative at others. Dini's show appeals to the
    most vital concerns and current topics our society is focused on.

    Key Show Topics:
    Financial security... sound advice from top advisors from the best
    investment strategies.

    Lifestyle... eating well, exercising, leisurely pursuits from gardening to
    travel, from cooking to interior ecorating. Offering peace of mind and a
    healthy outlook.

    Social... personal interest stories dealing with a plethora of cultural
    and political issues. Challenges people have overcome. Motivational,
    gripping, poignant.

    Canadian based from award-winning producer, talk show host and
    interviewer... contemporary in style... catering to a 35-54 yr old demo...
    great way to unwind during the weekend with one of Canada's most
    recognizable entertainers.


    Joanne Wilsonís Heart to Heart is a three hour music-intensive weekend
    program, thatís loaded with a great mix of today's best music, and bite
    sized advice for your life.

    Each week Joanne Wilson entertains and informs listeners on a variety
    of relationship issues. From relating to the boss, to talking with the
    kids, to keeping those romantic fires burning - it's all information
    that matters most in our lives. Joanne and psychologist Mark Jackman
    will also take callers questions to provide practical, qualified

    Designed for Mainstream AC, Soft AC, and Hot AC stations, Joanne
    Wilsonís Heart to Heart delivers great music and a little advice that
    will max your stationís TSL.


    Access Hollywood Update is your station's new one-stop shop for everything

    Hosted by Access Hollywood personalities Nancy O'Dell and Billy Bush, this
    new daily, one-minute entertainment news feature brings your listeners
    today's top entertainment stories with front row seats to the most
    important events in Hollywood as reported by Access Hollywood.

    Access Hollywood, entering it's ninth season on television in national
    syndication, is an entertainment newsmagazine that provides viewers with
    the latest showbiz news, in-depth celbrity interviews, and
    behind-the-scenes accounts of the most important events in Hollwyood.

    Access Approved for your station!


    You've asked for it, now you CAN have it!

    The Bomb Squad have been creating the best parodies and custom songs for
    the past 10 years, and now they are available to you!

    From the biggest names in the business to the most played parody songs
    ever, we're pretty sure you'll know who they are.

    The Bomb Squad is THE custom music service designed to draw your listeners
    in and blow your competition out.

    You get a minimum of 2 songs per month by request, plus generic parody
    songs, show openers, anti-jingles and much more at your request.

    Bomb Squad custom music is the best your money can buy.

    For more information on any of the above, please contact either Lesley
    Soldat or Melody Sieger at Sound Source Networks (416) 922 1290.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Melody Sieger
    Sound Source Networks
    DIRECT LINE: (416) 934 4463 (PLEASE NOTE)
    (416) 922 1290
    Fax: (416) 323 6819

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