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NTI launches the Acoustilyzer AL1

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  • September 24, 2024

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    NTI announces the launch of the AL1 Acoustilyzer hand-held acoustics analyzer and STI-PA, its functional extension for fast and robust speech intelligibility analysis. AL1 is based on the famous ML1 Minilyzer hardware and ideally complements its functionality in the acoustics domain. AL1 is available as an independent instrument as well as a new firmware for present ML1 users.
    Besides a range of electrical tests, the extended functionality of the AL1 Acoustilyzer includes the following acoustical measurements:

    * Sound Level metering with LEQ, SEL and short time LEQ
    * Real-Time frequency analysis in 1/1, 1/3 octave bands
    * FFT analysis down to 1Hz resolution
    * Reverberation time measurements RT60
    * Delay measurements
    * A complete STI-PA speech intelligibility implementation acc. to IEC60268-13 2024

    Sound Level Measurements
    In addition to the familiar instantaneous and integrated sound pressure level measurements (SPL), the repeatable short-time LEQ and sound exposure level (SEL) test capabilities complete the event monitoring requirements. The AL1 visualizes the actual audio spectrum (RTA) or the chart view of the SPL/LEQ history without interrupting ongoing sound level measurements. The RTA also permits relative sound spectrum measurements against previously stored references. Stored spectra may be averaged or combined by using the available mathematical functions. The “Max-Min” display is particularly helpful for finding dominant room modes and characterization of listening areas.

    All measurement results may be logged to the internal memory for further investigations.

    Speech Intelligibility STI-PA
    The STI-PA analyzer option allows durable and reliable speech intelligibility measurement within 15 seconds (typical). Besides the single value STI or CIS test result, a detailed view of modulation indices and individual band level results is provided. The STI-PA analyzer includes amplitude weighting in accordance with the 2024 IEC 60268-16 standards release. Acquired measurements may be referenced to previously established background noise level spectra with automatic recalculation of the STI values.

    Room evaluations
    An easy-to-operate and robust RT60 reverberation time measurement in accordance with ISO3382 calculates the reverberation time as broadband values or in octave audio bands (optional) complemented by confidence indicators for increased reliability. AL1 features smart triggering and ranging functionality to handle a variety of possible stimulus signals. The delay measurement function continuously calculates the propagation delay between the electrical signal applied to the system and the wave front reaching the internal microphone. An automatic difference calculation simplifies the verification of correct delay arrangements for larger halls and auditorium.

    PC Interface
    The USB PC-Interface together with the MiniLINK PC software supports easy documentation and data acquisition of all measurement functions as well as firmware upgrades. Owners of the ML1 and AL1 firmware may switch between these two versions by using the MiniLINK software.

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