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Mackie introduces three new products to the broadcast and recording markets.

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  • September 24, 2024

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    Mackie, a LOUD Technologies Inc. brand, is known worldwide as a leading developer and marketer of high-quality, affordable professional audio systems. Their latest innovations - the Big Knob, the Spike and the Mackie Control Universal - are no exception.

    Big Knob Studio Command System
    Now, more than ever, professional, project and home studios as well as broadcast facilities need a Big Knob. You know, a simple monitor switching and level control box with built-in talkback functions that sits on your desktop. With its multitude of rear-panel connections, Mackie’s Big Knob lets you easily switch between three sets of studio monitors, four different stereo sources, and even send musicians their own custom headphone mixes while communicating with them via the built-in Talkback microphone. And with its high-end esoteric sound quality and robust construction, Big Knob is right at home in professional studios.

    Spike Powered Recording System
    Recording music on a Mac or PC just got exponentially easier with Spike, a complete recording solution from Mackie featuring the XD-2 24-bit/96k USB Audio/MIDI interface with great-sounding Mackie preamps and onboard SHARC dynamics processing. Spike is bundled with incredibly easy Tracktion recording software with unlimited track count, VST and ReWire support, and a FREE Nomad Factory plug-in.

    Mackie Control Universal: Finally, One Controller to Rule them All
    Mackie Control Universal merges the award-winning technologies of Logic Control and Mackie Control into a single unit with complete control of Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, SONAR, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Cool Edit Pro and more. With 100mm Penny + Giles optical touch faders, a full-sized backlit LCD with track names, V-Pots for fast tweaking of effects and plug-ins, a 7-segment Timecode display, and shortcut navigation and editing for all major software including Pro Tools, Mackie Control Universal gives desktop producers real-time control in ways a keyboard and mouse never will.

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