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MAYAH showing state of the art video quality Full D1 PAL/NTSC @ 2 Mbit/s with MPEG 4

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  • September 24, 2024

    by -- Sonotechnique Inc.

    MAYAH Communications, leading developer of high quality solutions for the broadcasting and telecommunications market has been presenting the unique IO [io] 8000 Embedded Realtime Broadcast MPEG 4 Audio Video Encoder Decoder System with full PAL/NTSC resolution at IBC in Amsterdam from Sept., 9th to 14th.

    For the first time, MAYAH has been showing full D1 PAL/NTSC resolution at 1.5 to 2 Mbit/s using MPEG 4 with a rich set of encoding features in full broadcast quality. The cost saving factor is huge because single or multiple T1/E1 lines can be used for transmission. The product portfolio is completed by IO [io] 5000 MPEG 4 Audio Video Encoder for Enterprise Solutions and IO [io] 4500 MPEG 4 Set Top Box as well as multi decoder player tools which are for customization. All products are fully ISMA compliant thus allowing to playback the stream with QuickTime, Real10 and WindowsMedia Player.

    MAYAH has received an excellent response from customers working in the field of broadcast, enterprise communications and web streaming regarding the excellent picture quality and the outstanding price-performance allowing to cut the budget in half compared to other MPEG-4 based 24/7 solutions.

    The IO [io] 8000 product range will be shipping in early October with analog video and audio interfaces. There's also the IO [io] 8000 "Pro" including analog in/out plus SDI in/out, embedded audio and AES/EBU.

    Mayah Communications'products are available exclusively at Sonotechnique -

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