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Leitch Unleashes Award-Winning VelocityHD(tm) NLE

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  • September 14, 2024

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    Leitch Technology Corporation today announced that its
    revolutionary VelocityHD(tm) HD/SD non-linear editing system is now
    shipping. Bringing guaranteed, full-quality, real-time editing performance
    to high definition at a remarkable price point, VelocityHD extends the power
    of Leitch's Velocity(tm) non-linear editing line to the realm of HD video. A
    key component of Leitch's extensive high-definition product portfolio,
    VelocityHD extends Leitch's Integrated Content Environment solutions with an
    exceptionally powerful and affordable HD editing solution for any post
    production environment.
    "We're very excited about the release of VelocityHD," said Brad Nogar,
    Leitch vice president and general manager for post production. "Since
    unveiling VelocityHD at NAB 2024, where it was honored with a remarkable six
    awards, our customers have been eagerly awaiting it, immediately recognizing
    the benefits it can bring to their HD editing workflow. VelocityHD's
    breakthrough combination of performance, quality, flexibility and
    affordability is ideal for customers currently using or planning the
    transition to high-definition video, and we're pleased to be delivering it
    to them now."
    VelocityHD makes HD non-linear editing as efficient and easy as
    standard-definition editing. Integrating the innovative new Altitude(tm)
    hardware platform with an enhanced version of the acclaimed Velocity
    software interface, VelocityHD features full-quality HD playback of two
    video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, true dual-stream real-time HD
    transitions and effects, and optional 3D effects with the A3DX(tm) DVE
    daughtercard. Altitude supports 1080i, 1080PsF and 720p frame formats at all
    common frame rates, with compressed and uncompressed (8-bit and 10-bit)
    recording and playback, and the flexibility to mix compressed and
    uncompressed footage within a project. In addition to SMPTE-292 HD-SDI I/O,
    Altitude also features VGA HD output, enabling HD playback to be viewed on
    VGA monitors and reducing the need for expensive high-definition displays.
    HD output is also simultaneously down-converted for monitoring on
    standard-definition displays.
    More than just an innovative HD non-linear editor, VelocityHD also features
    outstanding standard-definition editing performance, with full-quality,
    real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams.
    The VelocityHD software combines exciting new capabilities with the powerful
    editing features that made the VelocityQ(tm) multi-stream NLE an award
    winner in the standard-definition domain. Key features include:
    * Easy visual reference with the unique EyeCon View timeline interface
    * Fully integrated, full-quality multi-camera editing
    * Real-time color correction including three-way color-wheels, curves,
    color matching, and automatic white and black re-balance
    * Interactive Editing paradigm, enabling editing and effects
    application without stopping timeline playback
    * Effortless 3 & 4-point editing with a choice between three-window
    and two-window trimming styles
    * Real-time rolling/crawling titles and graphics keys
    * Fully customizable window layouts, hotkeys, timeline styles and more
    * Advanced real-time audio features with DirectShow and .VST plug-in
    * Direct timeline integration with eyeon software's included DFX+(tm)
    advanced compositing and image processing software
    * Virtual Tape File System(tm) (VTFS(tm)) for seamless and transparent
    interchange between video files and popular graphics file formats
    * Inscriber TitleMotion(tm) HD character generation software
    * Ulead DVD Workshop(tm) 2 SE DVD authoring software
    * Optional OMF and AAF interoperability

    "With HD being used extensively for acquisition in our market, we'd been
    waiting anxiously for a cost-effective non-linear editing system that would
    meet all of our requirements, and VelocityHD has proven to be an exceptional
    solution," said Jim Arthurs of Colorado-based ImageShoppe, a VelocityHD beta
    tester. "The ability to work in multiple HD formats - as well as in standard
    definition - is ideal for professionals whose clients use a mix of formats,
    while VelocityHD's real-time performance and the flexibility to use both
    uncompressed and compressed video make it well-suited for any project we
    take on."
    VelocityHD is available from authorized Leitch post production resellers as
    fully integrated turnkey systems, or as a hardware/software bundles for
    installation into qualified Microsoft® Windows XP® Professional

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