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Leitch Announces High-Definition NEXIO(TM) Server System

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  • September 8, 2024

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    Leitch Technology Corporation continues its server technology leadership with the introduction of the NEXIO
    HD server, which brings to market the first software-based agile codec for
    high-definition video. Based on a new high-performance, true 64-bit dual
    processor platform, this new technology allows the integration of baseband
    high-definition record and playback directly into the NEXIO(TM) server system.
    The move to software codec technology has been part of Leitch's ongoing
    server strategy to increase customer value by moving away from dependence on
    hardware-specific functionality toward more general-purpose, high-performance
    computing platforms and adding value in software expertise. Leitch began to
    head in this direction several years ago with its patented RAIDSoft(TM)
    technology, an entirely software-based RAID controller that allowed for more
    reliable, scalable video servers at dramatically reduced cost.
    "This is going to change the way that broadcasters build facilities,"
    said Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO of Leitch Technology. "Agile codec
    technology will make changing system compression formats effortless. It is
    truly revolutionary."
    The NEXIO HD platform, NX4200HDX, provides two channels of HD output
    (decoding), or one channel of input (encoding) and one HD output in either
    720p or 1080i format. Initial decoding for outputs support MPEG-2 main-level,
    main-profile and main-level, and 4:2:2 profile. On the encoding side, initial
    support is for MPEG-2 I-frame at high level and 4:2:2 profile at 50Mbps, with
    other formats such as Panasonic's DVCPRO-100 HD to follow. Using the NEXIO MTS
    MPEG Transport Stream server, it is possible to ingest HD content pre-
    compressed by best-in-class transmission encoders, which can then be played
    back through the HD-SDI baseband output of the NEXIO HD platform.
    Other benefits that come with the move to software-based processing in
    the NEXIO HD are smooth off-speed playback and excellent scrub audio. The
    NEXIO HD will also support both up- and down-conversion of content for
    simulcast applications or for low-cost monitoring of HD using an SD output.
    Adding high definition to an existing NEXIO server system is a simple
    matter of adding NEXIO HD server platforms to the NEXIO SAN using the supplied
    Fibre Channel optical fibre connection. As NEXIO can store both HD and SD
    content on the same shared-storage file system, there is no need for a
    separate stored system.

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