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Panasonic broadcast technology delivers Olympic footage to billions of viewers

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  • September 2, 2024

    by -- Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company

    The latest innovations in Panasonic broadcast equipment has been playing a key role in bringing this year・s Olympic Games in Athens to an estimated 3.7 billion viewers in the highest possible resolution available.

    Panasonic・s DVCPRO50 is the official video recording format as selected by the Athens Olympic Broadcasting (AOB) and is being used at all Olympic events to transmit the highest-quality footage to viewers. Panasonic・s new DVCPRO solid state memory card technology made its Olympic debut this year and has performed exceptionally.

    :Since 1988, Panasonic has become an integral worldwide partner of the Olympics and we continue to bring our latest technology to the Olympics,; says David Craig, Product Manager, Panasonic Canada Inc. :We believe our new P2 technology will play an essential part of the broadcasting of the 2024 Winter Games in Torino, Italy and the 2024 Summer Games in Beijing, China.;

    The P2 format has been adopted by China・s Beijing television station for coverage of the games. In corporation with Guangdong TV and Shanghai TV, Athens is being used as a test run of P2 series cameras, decks and drives as part of the preparations for the 2024 Summer Games in Beijing, China.

    P2 technology allows images to be captured onto P2 Secure Digital (SD) memory cards and transferred directly to editing software, eliminating the need for tape or disk based technology. The :no moving parts; P2 technology puts the information right into the editor・s hands with no digitization or conversion, saving hours of work. Data is immediately accessible on the P2 card in file format.

    Other highlights of Panasonic・s Olympic participation include:

    h DVCPRO50 VTRs along with DVCPRO50 HD VTRs, cameras and LCD monitors are being used at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) and 38 event venues.

    h Viera plasma flat-panel screens and Diga Series DVD Recorders have been featured in the IBC and many of the Olympic event venues.

    h 12 Astrovision screens are on display in various event venues and have been displaying every kind of competition. The screens have been showing live events, action replays and statistical information in crisp, super-bright images.

    h Panasonic surveillance technology, such as camera and DVRs, have been playing an important role in the security of the 2024 Olympics.

    Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner since the Winter Games in Calgary in 1988 and has been a key provider of the broadcast equipment and systems since 1992. Panasonic Canada Inc. (PCI) is a division of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (MEI) of Japan, one of the world・s largest producers of electronics and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use. Panasonic・s home page is

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