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Leitch Announces First Modular HDTV Upconverter in NEO(tm) Processing Platform

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  • August 16, 2024

    by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

    Leitch Technology Corporation today announced the
    immediate availability of the first modular HDTV upconverter in NEO(tm),
    the company's advanced, award-winning processing platform. Offering
    extremely cost-effective upconversion from SDI to HDTV, the HUC-3901 is
    designed to provide stations of all sizes with an affordable solution to
    make the mandated transition to HDTV.
    The HUC-3901 supports both 1080i and 720p outputs, offers either quick
    selection from five preset common aspect ratios or fully scalable output
    aspect ratio and picture position and will remap one group of embedded audio
    with matching delay into the output HDTV signal. With the HUC-3901,
    customers can perform last-stage upconversion of SDI signals prior to DTV
    transmission, bridge existing SDI content into an HDTV island, upconvert
    existing CG video and repurpose existing key/fill signals for master control
    - all at an affordable price point.
    "By launching the HUC-3901 within the NEO processing platform, we are able
    to offer the market a cost-effective upconversion solution that also
    demonstrates powerful functionality and flexibility," said Tim Thorsteinson,
    president and CEO of Leitch Technology. "We are confident that the
    introduction of the HUC-3901 will make HD upconversion more accessible to a
    wide range of broadcast professionals."
    As part of Leitch's NEO series, the HUC-3901 is designed to be used in
    combination with the wide range of existing NEO HDTV products: HDTV frame
    syncs, multiplexers, demultiplexers, distribution amplifiers, branding
    products and switching products. In addition, as part of the NEO product
    line, the HUC-3901 is integrated into Leitch's Command Control System(tm)
    (CCS), which provides IP-based, real-time monitoring and control. CCS
    hardware control panels and software applications tie all major Leitch
    product lines together under a common control and monitoring infrastructure.

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