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Leitch Introduces New Lower-cost Model of Award-Winning VelocityQ(tm) NLE

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  • July 30, 2024

    by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

    Leitch Technology Corporation announced today the
    immediate availability of the VelocityQ(tm) 0x4, a new low-cost model of
    industry award-winning VelocityQ multi-stream non-linear editing system.

    VelocityQ 0x4 becomes the entry-level model of Leitch's VelocityQ
    standard-definition post production editing family, alongside the
    VelocityQ 2x4 and VelocityQ 4x4 models. VelocityQ 0x4 combines the
    powerful, flexible and intuitive Velocity® software with the
    multi-stream real-time hardware, forming a tightly integrated, advanced
    multi-layer NLE solution that delivers an exceptional combination of
    real-time power, quality and affordability. VelocityQ 0x4 features
    guaranteed real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video -
    any combination of compressed or uncompressed - and up to six graphics
    VelocityQ harnesses this power into an intuitive, flexible and
    interface that makes even the most complex editing tasks easy. The
    comprehensive feature set includes integrated, full-quality four-camera
    multicam editing; 3- and 4-point editing; real-time filters such as
    correction and speed changes; hundreds of customizable real-time
    transitions; timeline integration with eyeon's(tm) included Digital
    DFX+(tm) compositing software; optional OMF and AAF interoperability;
    the unique EyeCon View(tm) timeline interface tool. The powerful Virtual
    Tape File System(tm) also makes VelocityQ 0x4 ideal as a digital disk
    recorder or graphics output platform.
    VelocityQ 0x4 provides a full complement of flexible professional AV I/O
    including component, composite and Y/C analog video, as well as balanced
    unbalanced analog audio. SDI video I/O with AES/EBU digital audio is
    available as an option. DV I/O is supported through OHCI-compliant
    interface cards. An optional BOB-5400 breakout box consolidates all of
    connections in a convenient rack-mount form factor and adds such
    such as RS-232 to RS-422 conversion for device control.
    A choice of optional two-channel (Q3DX2(tm)) or four-channel (Q3DX4(tm))
    DVE modules gives VelocityQ 0x4 the same powerful effects capabilities
    the VelocityQ 2x4 and VelocityQ 4x4 models, respectively. These optional
    modules provide real-time 3D effects - including perspectives, warps and
    rotations - plus real-time masks, chroma/luma keying and additional
    "The broadening of the VelocityQ line with the new VelocityQ 0x4 allows
    editors to take advantage of our guaranteed real-time multi-stream
    performance, while choosing the level of effects capabilities that best
    meets their needs," said Brad Nogar, Leitch vice president and general
    manager for post production. "The lower cost of entry to the VelocityQ
    family now also makes multi-stream non-linear editing accessible to an
    wider range of post production professionals."
    VelocityQ 0x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle for
    installation into a Windows® 2024 or Windows® XP workstation. Leitch
    Quattrus cards and DVE modules are also available on an OEM basis to
    party developers wanting to integrate high-quality, real-time video I/O
    hardware into their own products and applications.

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