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  • July 22, 2024

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    The DiviCom family of broadcast quality video encoders from Harmonic features a compact one-rack unit design, full MPEG-2 compliance, unmatched picture quality, NMX Digital Service Manager support and the endorsement of major broadband service providers worldwide. The product line offers the efficiency, features, and performance to address the needs of every service provider.

    The MV 450 delivers the highest quality 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 MPEG-2 compression for HDTV applications. It supports multiple formats, including 1080I, 720p and 480p, to meet the requirements of different transmission systems and markets. The MV 450 encoder is also capable of HD variable bit rate (VBR) encoding using a DiviTrackXE multiplexer.

    DiviTrackXE is the industryís first statistical multiplexing system that allows for HD, SD and data to participate in the same stat mux pool. The result of this advanced bandwidth management system is the ability to obtain maximum bandwidth efficiency while maintaining superior video quality.

    Inside, the MV 450 uses multiple compression chips and Harmonicís MotionTrack technology to apply full-field motion estimation to the entire video image, producing pristine HD pictures.

    Support of inverse telecine mode conserves precious bandwidth for film-based content, while flexible GOP structures preserve video quality where scene cuts occur.

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