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  • July 22, 2024

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    Fusion is a new concept in signal distribution that combines the flexibility of the network with the economics of the crosspoint. It has been acknowledged for some time that networks hold huge potential in being able to provide great flexibility in signal distribution. However, the cost of encoding and decoding every second on and off a network is massively expensive when compared to traditional crosspoint technologies. Pro-philosophy is to introduce Fusion, a hybrid solution with multiple crosspoint routers can be connected together a robust and deterministic network. The fist implementation of this concept is Sirius Fusion. An extension to the already uniquely powerful Sirius router range, the Fusion technology adds at connectivity via ATM using the AES47 standard. Signals can e routed in real time between multiple routers using network-based tie-lines. This technology provides clear advantages in terms of the distance over which those signals can be carried and the number of signals that be carried over a single connection.

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